(Part 6) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far In 2010!

 How ’bout them Saints…who dat! Getting to the Superbowl. The first time. Winning in primetime. The team has a story to tell. So do the Bayou. Having gone through hell. No longer sin city. But Saints city. Drew Brees, you’ve been named MVP. What are you going to do next? Visit the 9th Ward…again!

Katie Couric interviews Brees. Took first visit to New Orleans. After Katrina he saw despair and destruction. This fueled his motivation. Going from injury to victory. Credits his coach. For having faith in him. Funny how that relates. To living your dreams. And becoming a star.

Someone believes in you. You believe in yourself. Even if you don’t have a cheering squad. You gotta believe Big G (o-d). Looking out for you. This releases fear. And increases focus. On what you can do. To make a living. In your daily grind. And live your best life. The success you find.

A few key wins. Along the way. In the regular season. And the playoffs. Beating New England. Coming out ahead. Against the Vikings. Some point to destiny. It was their time. Others think it was gutsy. The coach made brash calls. Whatever it was. The Saints took home the spoils.

The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. Not just in sports. But also in life. Keep it simple. Keep it moving. Make it fun. Or fun-ready. It’s like the sticker. On the salad dressing bottle. Says “delicious on fresh peaches.” Success, you can taste it. There goes a parade. The fun has just begun.

Hip Tip: Some people freeze when they stumble or fall, while others seize the moment, knowing they can win it all!

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