(Part 8) Act Like A S.T.A.R. And Go Far in 2010!

 Make a new career start. And mend a broken heart. Tiger Woods calling on his Buddhist faith. As well as family and friends. To help him live straight. Demons to exorcise. Timeless truths to realize. His spirit has been broken. Attitude shaken. No longer treated by media. As a prized token.

Hopes and dreams suspended. Til his personal life is mended. Gotta go through something. For success to be appreciated. Don’t get hung up on emotion. Focus on attitude. To keep your sanity. If you must, blurt out some profanity. Avoid taking things personal. But growing personally.

No need to be selfish. Thinking only for #1. Enough to go around. Under the rising sun. A scarcity mentality. Puts a limit on ability. An abundance mentality. Much better for notoriety. Join the legends and stars. Who overcame the lure. Chasing women with bling bling. And nice looking cars.

How does attitude get out of hand? From a false sense of superiority. Acting on impulse. Drinking your own kool-aid. Rules don’t apply. No one can stop you. Even if they try. Fame and fortune makes you exempt. You think you’ve got it made. Do what you want. Life’s good in the shade.

Success needs balance. Personal and professional. Spiritual and material. Sometimes people get lost. Then put back on track. Set your life in order. Clear the air. Face your fear. Be the best. Year after year. Take the next step to victory. Make a leap into history. 

Hip Tip: Life is like a potato. Best served when twice-baked personally and professionally with all the fixins.

Blog Talkback: How important is a balanced life in getting to the top and staying there?

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