(Part 8) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

The Shark Tank is For Big Ideas and King Fish!

daddy-daughter09 Buffoonery! That’s how some people feel. About Tyler Perry’s movies and sitcoms. Billions are being made. Millions are being served. And a handful wanna hate. Perry knows The Shark Tank is for Big Fish. He’s turned a bright idea into cash flow. Checkout the Reality Show’s investor judges.

Different stories, but similar intentions. Starting out as a Me Inc. CEO. Emerging as a sole-proprietor. Developing from scratch as an Urban CEO. Targeting the metro or retro in people’s tastes. Raising capital as a Heartbeat CEO. Knowing when to buy. When to sell. And when to Dot Com.

Looking for the next breakout biz. That’s where they put their money. People get turned down. Just like Perry was in Hollywood. Before doing it his way. What makes the winners win? And the losers soar to new heights? Embrace the past. Release the pain. Channel the power within.

Listen to the voice of your calling. Discover the void. In self and the marketplace. Helps reveal hidden talents and an un-served niche. Define the vision. As a snapshot of future success. From today and this point forward. Start a business. Fascinate your following. Blowup the base.

That’s the story of Daymond John. Founder of FUBU and Godfather of urban fashion. The experience of Barbara Corcoran. Who turned a $1000 into a Real Estate windfall. And Kevin Harrington. Industry creator of TV infomercials. Add your name to the list. Reap dollars, profit sense and prominence.   

Hip Tip: Taking an idea or market need to the next level calls for ability, timing and a sales pitch that strikes a nerve.

Blog Talkback: Medical marijuana, Tyler Perry’s Madea… should people have to apologize to the critics for their business, depending on whether it’s legal, moral or controversial? 

(Part 7) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Frankie & Neffe’s For Real So Don’t Get It Twisted!

daddy-daughter09 How to get a reality show? Do something others shouldn’t do at home. That’s what the TV Network memo said. According to unofficial sources. Helps explain what the Mad Scientist was thinking. In allegedly pulling-off a balloon hoax. But Frankie and Neffe’s for real. So don’t get it twisted.

They want a better life. This BET spinoff is about S.E.X. Without being about sex. Survival. Enlightenment. X-factor. Going from the Oakland ‘hood to the Atlanta ‘burbs. Fighting and kicking addiction. Getting past dysfunction. Less about perfection. Is it true Frankie hasn’t held a real job for years?

Now she’s got business moves and book deals. Says a lot about the current popularity of Reality TV. And the future possibility of your career dreams. Have a compelling story idea, skill, service/product. Make it funky-cool remarkable. Connect with market demand. Delivery so thrilling. Keeps on selling.

Thankfully, they do all this without any killing. No shoot-em-up bang-bang scenes, yet. Only on Cops. Sometimes success is achieved as a solo project. Most new businesses are single-owner startups. Other times it takes a partnership or major enterprise. To get on CNBCs Mad Money.

Super Nanny, Monica Still Standing, Keyshia Coles: The Way It Is. Reality Shows built around a personality. What’s the advice on achieving star power? Get a grip before you flip. Become a master of your story. Take a leap of faith to shift your fate. No guarantees, but many happy returns.


Hip Tip: Don’t judge a person by their past because success runs from pain to profit, setback to comeback and incarceration to Hall-of-Fame induction.

Blog Talkback: What have you done or would you do to fast-forward, maybe even pay-forward your success? 

(Part 6) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

The Next Singing or Design Star Rocking Good!

daddy-daughter09 Let’s get this party started right! Quickly, right? Set it off to the left. Get-get it to the right. Hit them notes. Bring that vibe. Do you have what it takes? To be the next singing or design star? Rock the mic. Raise the roof. With funk that leaves them jamming. Not voting you off.

Why is American Idol one of the top Reality Shows? It’s got a following. Of young, old and in-betweens. Packed house auditions. Emerging talent. Rising stars. Pursuing a dream. Fanatical fans. Watching their favorite contestant. Go from unknown to “buzzalicious.” Putting on a show.

Each week they take the stage. Or creative studio. On HGTVs Design Star. Not all fun and games. Many long days. Hours of practice, dress rehearsals and public appearances. All work and all play. Makes for a great payday. Working their way to the top. Experiencing the crowning moment.

That’s where showtime meets lifestyle. To make the best life experience. Giving a taste of the success journey. Find your voice. Grab the vision. Grow as you go. Create a rhythm. Get past the blues. Own the dream. Build-up your cred. At-work Network. Put it all on the line.  

Simon’s bravado. Randy’s Dog pound. Kara’s pretty face and hot body. Ellen’s new groove. Take your pick. From these choices. The combination works wonders. A-list celebrity judges. Exhilarating performances. Aha moments. Speechless frenzy. When you’re announced as the winner.


Hip Tip: Take it to the top by catching the vision and channeling the emotions of what it takes to win.

Blog Talkback: Do you think being popular is required for winning big in life? 

(Part 5) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Wanna Be His Apprentice or Her Lover?

daddy-daughter09 Jon and Kate plus hate! Where did the love go? Went south or sour. Jon wants to stop filming the kids. Kate wants to keep the show going and money flowing. TLC dropped his name from the show. Some say Jon got fired. Get Donald Trump on the line. Wanna be his apprentice or her lover?

The name of a new reality show. With bachelorette Kate making love connections. And Trump getting people fired. Happens everyday. On the job romance. Letterman admits. Attempts to get finance. For Ebony and Jet magazines. Drama at the big dance. Ala Housewives of ATL.

Good for TV. But not for the workplace? Yes, achieving career dreams and business success takes romance. The love for showcasing your genius. It takes finance. Plugging leaks in your budget. Taking leaps in your salary. Building relationships for keeps. Learning from the streets.

Was Jon too passive with TLC? From beginning to blow-up. The show took-off. With a build-up in appeal. A fan base and fast pace. Then came the breakdown. When all hell broke loose. Only thing left is a breakthrough. After their mid-life crisis. Like Trump announcing The Apprentice winner.

Kisses don’t lie. And are non-refundable. Only even exchanges. Living your dreams is about deeper living, deeper loving. Going to the big dance. Enjoying the good times and lucky chance. Don’t blame the fun on the sunshine, the moonlight or the ah-ah-ah-alcohol. Blame it on the boogie!


Hip Tip: Strong relationships are key to building a better mousetrap and being a valuable team player.

Blog Talkback: How do you handle the highs and lows that come with some working relationships?