(Part 5) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Wanna Be His Apprentice or Her Lover?

daddy-daughter09 Jon and Kate plus hate! Where did the love go? Went south or sour. Jon wants to stop filming the kids. Kate wants to keep the show going and money flowing. TLC dropped his name from the show. Some say Jon got fired. Get Donald Trump on the line. Wanna be his apprentice or her lover?

The name of a new reality show. With bachelorette Kate making love connections. And Trump getting people fired. Happens everyday. On the job romance. Letterman admits. Attempts to get finance. For Ebony and Jet magazines. Drama at the big dance. Ala Housewives of ATL.

Good for TV. But not for the workplace? Yes, achieving career dreams and business success takes romance. The love for showcasing your genius. It takes finance. Plugging leaks in your budget. Taking leaps in your salary. Building relationships for keeps. Learning from the streets.

Was Jon too passive with TLC? From beginning to blow-up. The show took-off. With a build-up in appeal. A fan base and fast pace. Then came the breakdown. When all hell broke loose. Only thing left is a breakthrough. After their mid-life crisis. Like Trump announcing The Apprentice winner.

Kisses don’t lie. And are non-refundable. Only even exchanges. Living your dreams is about deeper living, deeper loving. Going to the big dance. Enjoying the good times and lucky chance. Don’t blame the fun on the sunshine, the moonlight or the ah-ah-ah-alcohol. Blame it on the boogie!


Hip Tip: Strong relationships are key to building a better mousetrap and being a valuable team player.

Blog Talkback: How do you handle the highs and lows that come with some working relationships? 

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