(Part 12) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

An Extreme Makeover Helps Oprah Better Her Best!

 Oprah leaving Daytime TV. Her show’s been #1 for 23 years plus. Started on a local Baltimore affiliate. Kicked-off Talk Show. When Phil Donahue was King. Since then she’s become the Queen. Of mainstream media. As well as a biz mogul. An Extreme Makeover helps Oprah better her best.

Launching the Oprah Winfrey Network OWN. A partnership with the Discovery Channel. So it’s like Reinventing herself. Means visioning a new gig. Building the venture capital. Working and networking her strengths. Reaping the benefits. Calls for courage, confidence and conviction.

Take this as a lesson. On how to reposition your brand. Repurpose your life’s work. Or restart your dreams. A lot like what happens on the Reality Show Extreme Makeover. Sometimes it’s just to refresh. The look and feel of a room. Other times to improve. Putting things in a functional groove.

Then there’s the use of heavy equipment. Where the demolition team tears down. Everything to the ground. Before replacing anew. And giving people’s lives a sense of renew. A rebuild that inspires. Takes you higher. Tapping skills of the head, hand and heart. Having hope sets you apart.

Layoffs have made some want to give-up. Finding their dream job. Or starting that dream biz. Focus your energies. Towards new synergies. Channel your emotion. To flow like the ocean. Release your passion. Boost your commission. Life’s too short. To be held down by a recession.

Hip Tip: Living your dreams means starting here and going there as the road leads to overcoming the fear.

Blog Talkback: How has the Oprah Show/Brand made a difference in your business or life?

(Part 11) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Iron Chef Meets Top Model on Wall Street Before The White House.

 Born in America! Made in America! What’s the difference? Sounds a lot like another question. Leader, born or made? Think Iron Chef. First Started in Japan. Or America’s Next Top Model. Started by Tyra Banks. So, Iron Chef meets Top Model. Making more than just pennies and dimes.

What’s the business value? Cooking up a meal. Showing passion and zeal. Expanding market appeal. Tied to having the basics. Can’t impress anybody. Without knowing how to boil, bake and burn baby burn. To strut your stuff. Twist and turn. Got Junk in the trunk? Draws much attention.

Like branding on the booty. Let your U-S-P shine through. Unique Selling Proposition. It’s the way you package the package. Make the sale. Run the show. Hone your craft. Master the game. Inspire the people. Hang with the movers & shakers. Plenty love to go around. So get your biz in order.

Are more American millionaires foreign born? Food for thought. These Reality Shows give some hints. For business success. Sizzling in the kitchen. Gliding on the runway. All about looks, style and flava. As well as the entertainment value. Goes a long way. To impacting the bottom-line.

So the heat is on! Tell that to the aspiring Chefs, budding Models and “living your dreamers.” The Obamas are proof. President Barack as a Hawaiian born American. First Lady Michelle as a locally-grown citizen. Travelling coast-to-coast. Waking-up the world. With a new flava to savor.

Hip Tip: Success in cooking is like what modeling does for lifestyle. You gotta know how to wake-up the flava without burning the taste.

Blog Talkback: Speaking of U-S-P, does living your dreams make you more healthy? Sexy? Edgy? Groovy? 

(Part 10) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Imagine Being The Cake Boss or Having Your Own Biz!

daddy-daughter09 Who’s the most savvy Businessman ever? So many to choose from. Like Apple’s Steve Jobs. Named by Fortune Magazine as CEO of the decade. And Buddy Valastro on TLCs Cake Boss.  What makes them ka-ching Kings? Imagine being the cake boss. Where you have to succeed at all cost. 

Buddy runs a Mom & Pop operation. While Mr. Jobs has built a multi-national corporation. The secret’s in the cake mix and the software fix. Both famous for being big on design. Where things are thought through. Before arriving at a store near you. Attention to detail and rich in appeal.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Learn from someone who is. Monetize your idea. Productize your service. Or servicize your product. Minimize ego. Maximize team-go. Simplify the message. Stay focused on the mission. Helps to supersize your bank account. But who’s counting anyway.

Deliver products, services or staffing. That improve the bottom-line. Know your retail value? Charge per head, per hour or per demand. By how you mass market, customize and socialize. Rich in your niche? Be about solutions. For the client’s needs. The customer’s desires. Smashing the competition.

The proof is in the pudding. As well as the iproducts. Buddy’s been turning out sweets, treats and eats. Mr. Job’s been busy with ipods, iphones and itunes. Changing the game. Making a name. So, if you can’t keep up with the Joneses. Just keep working the masses. Until the cash flow comes splashing.

Hip Tip: Savvy business moves can start out like an acorn and end up like an oak, triggered by a growth spurt where money shows up like dirt.

Blog Talkback: If you had access to all the right resources, how would you blow-up your business or blow-away the competition?

(Part 9) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

There Goes The Neighborhood With Another Scam CEO!

daddy-daughter09 There’s a new Colonel in town. Better known as KFC. More recently as KGC. For his un-fried grilled side. Planning to open a fast-food joint on the block or in the barrio? (Get to that idea in a minute.) Well, well, well! There goes the neighborhood. With more bogus Reality TV shows. And scammer CEOs?

Seen as a cousin to Big Brother. Pitting neighbors against one another. Then they wonder why this show had low ratings. Or why some businesses fail. Not enough time to talk about it here. Just know that they run out of money, ideas, and steam. What does it take to be your own boss?

The right mindset. No longer working for ‘The Man.’ But for yourself and a plan. The most dependable hands are next to your wrist. Gotta have the motivation. To carry on the vision. After the train has left the station. Applying a methodology. For moving goals along. Making things happen.

Then there’s the money factor. Maybe needed at startup or to get a leg-up. Sometimes you borrow. To build a brighter tomorrow. Other times you invest. In that rainy day fund. All this leads to ownership. Value appreciation and a tax shelter. Working with great people and on exciting projects. 

True, man cannot live on fast-food alone. Or in the Reality TV zone. Think outside the box. Even when your job’s stuck in a box. Grow your business acumen and Benjamins. Boost your point value. Happens lot by lot in the neighborhood. As you buy a house. Build a business. And pursue a dream.

Hip Tip: A Homegrown biz can start in the garage or guest room, grow into a franchise agreement and supply you with year-round fulfillment.

Blog Talkback: What have you learned as a career professional or entrepreneur about handling failure and turning lemons into lemonade?