(Part 6) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

The Next Singing or Design Star Rocking Good!

daddy-daughter09 Let’s get this party started right! Quickly, right? Set it off to the left. Get-get it to the right. Hit them notes. Bring that vibe. Do you have what it takes? To be the next singing or design star? Rock the mic. Raise the roof. With funk that leaves them jamming. Not voting you off.

Why is American Idol one of the top Reality Shows? It’s got a following. Of young, old and in-betweens. Packed house auditions. Emerging talent. Rising stars. Pursuing a dream. Fanatical fans. Watching their favorite contestant. Go from unknown to “buzzalicious.” Putting on a show.

Each week they take the stage. Or creative studio. On HGTVs Design Star. Not all fun and games. Many long days. Hours of practice, dress rehearsals and public appearances. All work and all play. Makes for a great payday. Working their way to the top. Experiencing the crowning moment.

That’s where showtime meets lifestyle. To make the best life experience. Giving a taste of the success journey. Find your voice. Grab the vision. Grow as you go. Create a rhythm. Get past the blues. Own the dream. Build-up your cred. At-work Network. Put it all on the line.  

Simon’s bravado. Randy’s Dog pound. Kara’s pretty face and hot body. Ellen’s new groove. Take your pick. From these choices. The combination works wonders. A-list celebrity judges. Exhilarating performances. Aha moments. Speechless frenzy. When you’re announced as the winner.


Hip Tip: Take it to the top by catching the vision and channeling the emotions of what it takes to win.

Blog Talkback: Do you think being popular is required for winning big in life? 

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