(Part 7) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Frankie & Neffe’s For Real So Don’t Get It Twisted!

daddy-daughter09 How to get a reality show? Do something others shouldn’t do at home. That’s what the TV Network memo said. According to unofficial sources. Helps explain what the Mad Scientist was thinking. In allegedly pulling-off a balloon hoax. But Frankie and Neffe’s for real. So don’t get it twisted.

They want a better life. This BET spinoff is about S.E.X. Without being about sex. Survival. Enlightenment. X-factor. Going from the Oakland ‘hood to the Atlanta ‘burbs. Fighting and kicking addiction. Getting past dysfunction. Less about perfection. Is it true Frankie hasn’t held a real job for years?

Now she’s got business moves and book deals. Says a lot about the current popularity of Reality TV. And the future possibility of your career dreams. Have a compelling story idea, skill, service/product. Make it funky-cool remarkable. Connect with market demand. Delivery so thrilling. Keeps on selling.

Thankfully, they do all this without any killing. No shoot-em-up bang-bang scenes, yet. Only on Cops. Sometimes success is achieved as a solo project. Most new businesses are single-owner startups. Other times it takes a partnership or major enterprise. To get on CNBCs Mad Money.

Super Nanny, Monica Still Standing, Keyshia Coles: The Way It Is. Reality Shows built around a personality. What’s the advice on achieving star power? Get a grip before you flip. Become a master of your story. Take a leap of faith to shift your fate. No guarantees, but many happy returns.


Hip Tip: Don’t judge a person by their past because success runs from pain to profit, setback to comeback and incarceration to Hall-of-Fame induction.

Blog Talkback: What have you done or would you do to fast-forward, maybe even pay-forward your success? 

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