(Part 8) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

The Shark Tank is For Big Ideas and King Fish!

daddy-daughter09 Buffoonery! That’s how some people feel. About Tyler Perry’s movies and sitcoms. Billions are being made. Millions are being served. And a handful wanna hate. Perry knows The Shark Tank is for Big Fish. He’s turned a bright idea into cash flow. Checkout the Reality Show’s investor judges.

Different stories, but similar intentions. Starting out as a Me Inc. CEO. Emerging as a sole-proprietor. Developing from scratch as an Urban CEO. Targeting the metro or retro in people’s tastes. Raising capital as a Heartbeat CEO. Knowing when to buy. When to sell. And when to Dot Com.

Looking for the next breakout biz. That’s where they put their money. People get turned down. Just like Perry was in Hollywood. Before doing it his way. What makes the winners win? And the losers soar to new heights? Embrace the past. Release the pain. Channel the power within.

Listen to the voice of your calling. Discover the void. In self and the marketplace. Helps reveal hidden talents and an un-served niche. Define the vision. As a snapshot of future success. From today and this point forward. Start a business. Fascinate your following. Blowup the base.

That’s the story of Daymond John. Founder of FUBU and Godfather of urban fashion. The experience of Barbara Corcoran. Who turned a $1000 into a Real Estate windfall. And Kevin Harrington. Industry creator of TV infomercials. Add your name to the list. Reap dollars, profit sense and prominence.   

Hip Tip: Taking an idea or market need to the next level calls for ability, timing and a sales pitch that strikes a nerve.

Blog Talkback: Medical marijuana, Tyler Perry’s Madea… should people have to apologize to the critics for their business, depending on whether it’s legal, moral or controversial? 

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