(Part 4) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

It’s a Win, Wipeout and Amazing Race!

daddy-daughter09 Pow! The 14th annual wife-carrying race is off. This time held in Finland. Countries like Australia, Japan and U.S.A. were there. It’s a 400-meter run. With your boo on your back. Hurdle to jump. Pool to wade through. Laugh your face off. ‘Cause it’s a win, a wipeout and an amazing race.

Sounds familiar, right? Well there’s the Amazing Race. A 21-day, eight-country trek. Started out in California. With 13 couples/pairs vying for a million-dollar prize. Find the clues. Survive the challenges. Fly to the next country. It takes teamwork. Street smarts. And some guts. Last team standing, wins.

Then there’s Wipeout. The Reality Show built around an obstacle course. Beat the clock. Or be beaten-down for trying. Gotta use your head. Lest you wind up dead. Timing is everything. Go too fast. Could still end up last. Go too slow. Miss the chance of competing in the next go.

These shows remind us about having a gameplan. For achieving career dreams. Strategy instead of brute force. It’s the way you execute. Before the time expires. Works better with a playful focus. No need to burn rubber. If actions are out of step with reality.

Do your best. Complain less. Test your idea. Grow your game. Arrive at a breakout moment. Go from unknown. To big around town. Kick-in the “after burners.” Like Usain Bolt. Shift the tide. Like President Obama. During the political campaign. Positive action. Moves you closer to a big win.


Hip Tip: Every public win has a private victory that brings discovery, leaves people stunned and needing recovery.

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