(Part 3) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Watchout For Real Housewives Who Carry Knives!

daddy-daughter09 The Guiding Light. Shines no more. Lasted for 72 years. Started on radio. Before moving to TV. The business is changing. Soap Operas of old. Are like today’s Reality shows. Watchout for Real Housewives. Who carry knives. What do Soaps and Reality TV have in common? The star of the show.

Striking personalities. That wow and seduce. Lots of passion. The romantic variety. Guiding Light is now history. Maybe having lived out its useful purpose. What does this mean for career dreams? Start somewhere. First there was Housewives of Orange County. Then NY, NJ, and ATL.

Society has evolved. Housewives not stuck in the kitchen. They have six-figure salaries. And hourglass-figure bodies. The marketplace changed too. Professionals included. Some holding 5-10 different jobs. In 3-5 different career tracks. Over a lifetime. Making a living. Living their best life. 

Find a career fit. For your personality style. Like the Real Housewives of ATL. Checkout the personality quiz. That matches you with a housewife. Make passion come alive. Lisa and Shereé into fashion. Kandi’s a singing star. Kim trying to find her voice. Nene’s hot sweet and sour sauce.

Live-out your life’s purpose. It’s how you’ll be remembered and rewarded. Watchout for the haters. Not always out to get you. But just like housewives. Some still carry knives. Will cut you up. Stab you in the back. Without drawing blood. Might come close though. To killing your dreams.


Hip Tip: Successful people use the fire of passion, plus the strength of personality to serve with purpose and live-out their dreams.

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