How Successful People Turn Lemons into Lemonade.

daddy-daughter09 Jay-Z is da man! He’s retired from the game. But keeps them guessing. After 10 or so albums. He now sits in the big chair. As a Record Exec. Not since LA Reid, has there been so much expected. From an artist turned businessman. Jay knows about hits. And turning lemons into lemonade.

Started out in the ‘hood. With a mother he credits for his success. She would tell him to work hard. At whatever he wanted. Jay spent a lot of time writing. His thoughts then turned into beats. He would write so much. His lyrics became memorized. Before being televised. Jay worked his gift.

All them songs? Came from his experiences. Selling what he didn’t use. Living lower than his standard. This created some conflicts. He would turn his hunger. Into something that became his hustle.  Jumpstart some songs. Drop hooks into his records. These were really channeled emotions.

Beyonce knows Jay is the real deal. He shows cool. In sunglasses. Or with a drink in the shade. Even if angry at the copycats and wanna be’s. He knows how to shake the beefs. Between rival rappers. Cool and refreshing to the last drop. Just like lemonade. That goes from squeeze to freeze.

Not every success means millions. Or every million shows success. Jay’s success is in a body of work. Arthur Ashe said “You make a living with what you get. You make a life with what you give.” Successful people work their gifts. Channel their emotions. Are cool about it. Giving all they’ve got.


Hip Tip: Successful people turn their inside out and their outside in to squeeze the most juice out of life.

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