(Part 2) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Think You Can Dance Your A$$ets Off?

daddy-daughter09 Dancing with the stars. So you think you can dance your a$$ets off? Get your groove on. Like it’s 2009. What’s the #1 dance reality show? Says a lot about shake, rattle and roll. But more about career dreams. Even “boom boom” rhythm and soul. Since most ambitions. Start out as an audition.

An interview for some. Demo or pitch. Sell your sizzle. Flash your shine. On the dance floor. Or door to door. Develop an idea. Create a new dance. Package a promo. You get 60 seconds of fame. Or one go. To state your name. And Strut your game. Get down. Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Then it’s reviewed. By the judges and decision makers. Going into production. Picked for the top spots. Hired for the job. Performing each week. Fast on the feet. Growing in confidence. Applying new competence. People want more. So they vote their favorite back.

After a while there is big news. Money from endorsements. Deals for personal appearances. Pay raises from profit-sharing. Corner office move. Market value has grown. From seed to mass appeal. The covers of magazines. Talk show circuit. Photo shoots and celebrity scenes.

How’d they do it? Create something from nothing. Produce the goods. With your passion for fashion. Gift for gab. Knowledge of Business. Groove-ability! Spread your wings. Moonwalk the entire dance floor. Just showcase your skills. Circulate the thrills. And cause others to experience the chills.


Hip Tip: You can dance your way to the top. If you’re willing to bring your A-game and bust your A$$ets.

Blog Talkback: How does your favorite dance, dancer or entertainer inspire career dreams? 

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