Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

The Biggest Loser is The Biggest Winner!

daddy-daughter09 Reality TV gone global. Can’t you see the promo. “First Grease Lightening. Now Bolt Lightening!” That’s what could happen. For the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt. The new Superman of Track & Field. Hold that thought. Now, back to reality. Where the biggest loser is the biggest winner.

One of the contestants is a firefighter. Another a former athlete and aspiring musician. Both have concerns about seeing their kids grow-up. But the firefighter is worried about keeping his job. If he can’t pass the upcoming physical. Too heavy for peers to lift. If injured fighting a fire.

All hoping to lose the most pounds. Improve their health. Even win the ultimate prize. What’s so fascinating about this show? Well, you get put on a diet. Of exercise. Counting calories. Managing food intake. Important ingredients for regaining self-control. And losing the fat rolls.

Then there’s the “D-factor.” Discipline is an ugly word. If you’re not an athlete. But Biggest Loser isn’t ashamed. Knowing when to turn down the sweets. And turn up the heat. No pain, no gain. Every push-up on the mat. Or drop of sweat. Moves you closer to reaching the next goal.

It’s a matter of personal discovery. Tapping your limits. Finding hidden talents and inner strengths. Like Whitney Houston. Whose comeback reminds us. What career dreams are about. Changing your diet. Of friends or focus. Discipline and discovery don’t kill. Just make you stronger.


Hip Tip: A winner makes small losses become bigger gains and adds new habits to reach higher acclaim. 

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