Part 9 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 Ready to become an all-star? On the court or at the job. In business or life. Lebron James has done it. Each year since joining the NBA. The all-stars play during mid-season. They represent players from across the league. Best of the best in their positions. Two teams compete as East versus West. So how is all-star status achieved?

Well, the selection is fairly subjective. The fans vote. With great play you stand a shot. But all-star success in life is more than just chance. Consider this for starters. Life is like sailing on the open seas. Your career is like swimming in a fish bowl. Success as an all-star is about establishing your name, growing your game, and reaching higher acclaim. Life, career, success!

Sounds good, right? Let’s connect the dots. On the ocean you have access to vast resources. You can live for weeks if you’re resourceful. True, there is the possibility of a storm every now and then. It takes ship-smarts to navigate the open waters. A fish bowl is a great training pool. A fish learns to survive and thrive in a safe environment. Develops bowl-smarts. Builds upon its natural gifts and talents.

How does this relate to the CEO of Me Inc.? Becoming an all-star or expert takes practice. Working your craft over and over again. Until it becomes like magic. That’s how you free-up creativity. An expert takes time to teach others. Mentoring a co-worker or teammate is a good thing. You grow by teaching what you know. Also, find ways to give it away. Some write blogs or volunteer in the community. The rich choose philanthropy.

Expert status takes one more step. Connect the fish bowl to the high seas. Maybe even jump from the fish bowl into the ocean. On the job, in business or as the CEO of Me Inc. Raise your game and attract more fans.  Develop sea-smarts (better yet, street-smarts). Establish your name as a go-getter. Deliver beyond expectations. With higher acclaim you might hangout with the movers and shakers. Ok, go ahead. Hook that thing up!

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