Reinvent Yourself: Bringing Sexy Back, Second Time Around.

daddy-daughter09 Lionel Ritchie is back! So is Charlie (last name Wilson). Both veterans in the music business. 25-30 years ago they were hot on the charts. Then their careers went dark. How did they make a comeback? Maybe with help from Justin Timberlake (JT). By bringing sexy back. The second time around.

Looks like GM executives got the JT memo. The company is working on a makeover. Off-loading losing models. Uploading a new image. Buick’s Creative Design team made it clear. They described Buick’s new look as a sexy sedan. Say it this way. Reinvention that puts ‘sexy in the city’ on wheels.

Bringing sexy back? Good for career or business? Hold that thought. GM says Buick’s new look is more aerodynamic. Sleeker lines. Glitter and glam to the light panel. Nothing like Oldsmobile of the past. Before it had an older appeal. But now it’s more chic. Re-discovery made that possible.

GM knows it takes skill to be discovered again. You either got it or you don’t. Coming out of bankruptcy means what? They have to find new customers beyond their base. That’s what Ritchie and Charlie prove. They still got it. A sense of soul. The skill to thrill. Style that keeps them current.

Wanna bring sexy back to the workplace? Soul-search your way to stunning results. Look East, West, North and South. Before you’re dead and gone. Head to toe makeover. Go bald, natural or blonde. Re-discover the soul of your genius. Develop new skills. Be discovered again for your fresh style. (Working on bringing sexy back myself. Gotta run now. There goes my Baby. She lifts me up when I’m down!)

Reinvent Yourself: Old-school + New-school = A Hit

daddy-daughter09 The word is out. 100 years in the making. GM executives are getting jiggy with it. Retooling auto plants. Repositioning brands. Restarting engines. Reinventing business. Is it going to be a hit? Fitting question for Detroit. The Motown city. What’s the plan? Adding old-school and new-school to the mix.

Here’s how. Meet John Farmer. Grandson of sharecroppers. A country boy. Experienced with reinventing the farm. John works in seasons. Winter for tool sharpening. Spring for planting. Summer for nurturing. Fall for the harvest. Farmer says it’s a process. A reason for each season. A purpose and a point. A lesson behind the stressin’. Even Michelle Obama and the White House Chefs know old-school.

Here’s new school. GM launches a new beginning. The process started with bankruptcy. A kinda tool sharpening. They’re getting down to work. Customer and company are priority. The jury is still out on the results. GM is entering a new season of business. Their purpose is under review. What have they learned so far? You’re never too big to fail. You’re never too small to be great.

What does this mean as you reinvent your game? There’s nothing wrong with starting over. See it as a new season in your career/business. Build around purpose. It’s the reason why for enduring anyhow. And the point of it all? Go to the next level. Grow your success. Make a living. Live your making. See a difference.

The new you becomes a sure hit. Old-school plus new-school. Outdated to updated. Frustrated to fulfilled. Get jiggy with it. Add more rhythm and rhyme. More style and substance. Bring it. Live it. That’s right. “It’s all good” says John Farmer. Good for GM. For Joe Urban and Jane City. And for Suburban dealers and drivers everywhere.

Reinvent Yourself: Just Hired, Last Fired, Sick & Tired.

daddy-daughter09 Chapter 11! The legal term for bankruptcy. General Motors (GM). An automaker going broke. Even after receiving numerous bailouts. The CEO says it’s time to re-make the company. Is it too late? Is this a good time to buy? For those just hired, recently fired or sick and tired, listen up. Time for a reality check. Refresh your game.

GM will focus on four brands. Cadillac, GMC, Chevy and Buick. The others are doomed or for sale. Brand is just another word for ‘core competence.’ It’s about working with what makes you best. If brand is the ‘what’ then niche is the ‘who.’ GMs future lies in vehicles that fit their strengths. On those that feed their revenue streams.

Green is the new green. Technology plays a major role. GM plans to make smaller cars. More fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. An electric car is coming soon. They have to lower their cost structure. Why? In order to compete. They must use technology to spur innovation. They better build vehicles that are right for the time. With the latest bells and whistles.

How does GM come out of bankruptcy? Get employee and customer buy-in. The reinvention campaign is big on reaching both. Town meetings. Progress reports. Web chats. Part marketing and part networking. GMs bottom-line is at stake. They gotta make this work. So their makeover strategy is critical for success.

Can you relate? Reinventing yourself is about visioning a new you. Building from a new place. Leading with your brand. Networking with peers and peeps. Expanding biz/career success.  Use technology to work smarter. Join in on social multi-media. Take a page from GM. Get your skills, tools and team to work. Where? Pitch your niche in the new marketplace.

Part 10 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 “A dream delayed is not a dream denied!” That’s what I was told. Maybe you can relate. It might even apply to Lebron James. In 2004 he made the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Dream Team. It was a revamped team with some young NBA stars early in their careers. They had a disappointing finish. Taking home the bronze medal.

They had more losses than in prior Olympics. So this was a meltdown. Fast forward the story to 2008. James was again a member of the ‘new and approved’ Redeem Team. This time a gold medal was their prize and source of pride. What does this say about living your dreams? Well, chances are you’ll have a letdown or setback along the way. A defining moment for sure.

How did they turn things around? It started with a return to basics. A change in philosophy to build complete teams. In the past, USA Basketball had been putting together NBA superstars. They were good on paper but bad on the court. The change in philosophy resulted in better balance. The team had play-makers and game-changers. Players playing team-ball. Ballers making clutch plays.

It also produced a return to bliss. Webster’s dictionary defines bliss as a state of complete happiness.  Ever watched a child using playdoo? Or a senior citizen playing bingo? They are lost in time. No care in the world other than the moment. The USA Men’s team went from a losing record in 2004 to a winning record in 2008. Their mojo was back!   

So what about being on a dream team as the CEO of Me Inc? Hone the basics. Develop balance. Do more to educate. Watch how much you medicate. Got job dissatisfaction? Pursue your passion. Find bliss. Let it rip! You’ll be surprised what you can do when your butt’s on the line. And never let a disappointment prevent you from making a comeback. Keep rising to the top!