Part 5 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

The first round of the NBA playoffs is off and running. 40 games in 40 nights. There’s more excitement in the air. It’s like what happens after a job promotion or pending breakthrough. You experience the feeling of ‘access granted.’ You feel rewarded for your efforts. Recognized for your work. Blessed for giving your best. So do these players.


The Cleveland Cavaliers is the only team thus far to have done a sweep. They won four straight games in the kick-off series. Some say it’s a sign they mean business. But it might also be a sign of leadership. Just listen to Lebron James in his post game interviews. He’s always making his teammates feel appreciated.


This is a priceless practice as CEO of Me Inc. Turning Me Inc. to Team Inc. Turning Me Inc. to ‘wink wink.’ It allows others to play their role. Raise their game and bring it to the max. It makes them feel validated. We all seek a sense of belonging. The knowing that who we are and what we do matters. How do you feel when someone looks you in the eye and says “well done”? It gets you motivated.


With James on the court we see great play. What happens off the court is great leadership. The CEO of Me Inc. delivers both. Your example gives others a free pass to shine. I get this every time I speak, do an interview or book signing. The opportunity makes me feel appreciated, validated and even more motivated. Here’s why.

Ever parked your car and needed to get the ticket validated? You get it stamped by someone in authority. You depart with no charge (wink wink). That is your free pass (now ‘pay it forward’ or wave to ‘the haters’). As CEO of Me Inc. you can be first-class at the office. Top dog in business. No match for the competition. Leadership makes it happen. But the ultimate validation and inspiration is when ‘Big G-o-d’ comes through for you. There’s nothing like the stamp of approval from a Higher Authority.

Part 4 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 This year has seen more 50+ point games by James. The team has set new winning records for the season. Is James that much better? Does the team have that much fire power? Yes and Yes! I also think it’s because James has found the ‘sweet spot.’


There is a sweet spot in the bedroom, on the playground and in the workplace. They all involve performance. It’s about how passion rises. It’s about how you bring the heat. Can you dig? OK, so let’s go with what we know. Time to talk sex (yea baby!).


For the grown and sexy couple, here’s a thought. To keep the magic alive you have to re-invent the lovin’. You have to find new ways to keep it fresh. There is a time for ignition and a time for release. You gotta get fired-up. You gotta get in the flow. After ecstasy you think maybe that was a 10, or 8 or 5 on the good lovin’ scale.


The same is true as CEO of Me Inc. You’re not fired-up about what you do? Find a new line of work. Success in today’s job market means you have to reinvent yourself to remain competitive. Stop holding back on your dreams. Release your fears and let yourself go. Let yourself grow. Rate yourself but don’t inflate yourself. How? Test yourself against your own actions. This way you take pride without having to compare yourself to others.

The sweet spot. Welcome to performance heaven. Where passion and praise collide. It’s like genius on high. You get to work it. You get to prove it. You get to feel it. You get to love it. The sweet spot might be a place, a feeling, a showing or just a knowing. As the CEO of Me Inc. you experience it for yourself.

Part 3 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 Why is Lebron James being compared to Oscar Robinson? Because of a long-standing record that many believe James can break. Robinson is the only NBA player to average a ‘triple double’ in a season. This is double figure scores in three game stats. That aside, James is often asked about becoming a free agent in 2010.


OK, stop right there! What does a free agent have to do with being the CEO of Me Inc.? What does the CEO of Me Inc. have to do with being a free agent? Good questions. It shows where the 21st century job market is going. The average worker can expect to change jobs or careers. Maybe once, twice or some more. So, guess what? Employers will be hiring less staff and more contract workers.


Employers are always looking for a few good folks. As a contract worker this relieves them of benefits costs. They’ll hire more by project than by position. This makes the CEO of Me Inc. a perfect choice. You can make money without limiting your options. You can work on contract and shop around your skills as a Me Inc. professional.


Free agents have higher earning power and profit potential. Medical Doctors are good examples. After completing Med School they work in a specialty. Some even open up their own practice. Success as a free agent means having a specialty in career or business. This way the marketplace always has use for you too. Whether as employee, consultant or owner.

Top-notch free agents bring business-savvy. The marketplace rewards those who can turn an idea into ‘show me the money.’ That’s what excites employers as well. Can you help the enterprise make money? Do you offer real value as a market-preneur? The free agent model applies not only to James and those in sports. Pros in the business world work best and win big as the CEO of Me Inc.

Part 2 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 In case you missed it, Lebron James is on a mission. That was his message on a recent 60 Minutes interview. The NBA playoffs are near and James wants to win a championship. But there’s more. He also wants to be the biggest pro player brand ever. Bigger than Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.


After a few years in the league James ‘saw the light.’ He began by firing his agent. Many sports analysts thought this was crazy. How can you fire the person that’s helping you get paid? Even the NBA Commissioner had some concerns. James remains confident in his decision. He believes success is tied to not being scared to fail.


How does this play out in the work world? Well, first things first. Fire yourself and then re-hire yourself as the CEO of Me Inc. Release your fear of failure and watch yourself go. You become more creative. This shows up in the way you roll. It shows up in the way you flow. Creativity is the skill that adds sharpness to your razor’s edge.


Once you free your creative juices then you can be more selective. This is about how you niche yourself. Creativity gives you the razor’s edge but being selective gives you the market edge. You are more easily recognized for what you do, make or sell. In time you’ll go from being hired to being electric. You just WOW those around you.

Watch James hit shots over and over again. Watch him hit them almost at will and from anywhere. You never know what next he’ll pull from his ‘bag of shots.’ It’s this combo of skill, decision making and execution that makes fans go wild. It’s also what makes being the CEO of Me Inc. so rewarding. Wanna be the biggest and baddest YOU ever? Then step outside the box and get jiggy with it.

Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

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daddy-daughter09 People are asking what it means to be the CEO of Me Inc. Of course, that’s the subtitle of my book. But it’s also a mindset to career success. Lebron James showed how in his recent 60 Minutes interview on CBS. It’s almost as if he were telling you what’s in the book.


Here’s a guy who grew up poor in Akron Ohio. He was raised by a single mother who had some early challenges. Like most boys, he started playing basketball at a young age. This helped him stay out of trouble. Now he’s a multi-million dollar NBA Superstar and sports icon. How did he get there?


He sees himself as the CEO of Me Inc. Even though he plays pro hoops he also knows about being your own boss. This puts you in the driver’s seat of your career. It sets the stage for top-notch performance. Being your own boss is in knowing the difference between where you report to and who you work for. I work for ‘Big G-o-d.’ How ‘bout you?


King James (as he’s commonly called) is fast becoming a media magnet. He fired his agent and hired some of his childhood friends to run his other ventures. James shows how the CEO of Me Inc. means you are a brand. This gives you market identity. It gives options for multiple streams of income. It provides a ‘layoff proof’ model for the 21st century gig.


The one goal that James is yet to achieve is an NBA championship. He’s doing everything he can to improve his game. James admits he hasn’t yet reached his peak. But he shows how being the CEO of Me Inc. is a setup for ‘good, better, best.’ Sports Illustrated once deemed him the chosen one. Well, that might be a stretch. But it’s a good reminder of how being the CEO of Me Inc. lines-up with your professional calling or vocation.

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