Part 8 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 Natural born winner! Is there such a thing? That’s the question being asked at sports bars and local taverns. Fans want to know. Does a team need a natural born winner to become champions? It’s a lot like the question, are leaders born or made? Here’s what I’ve learned from watching Lebron James. He’s developed an ‘inside-outside’ game.

He can beat you with the jump shot. He can score by driving to the hoop. This makes him tough to defend. The strong leader has a similar advantage. He (or she) develops the person alongside the person-ality. So what does this say about the CEO of Me Inc? Glad you asked. Their inside-outside game is nice too. They make the personal and professional work together like wrestling partners.

This tag-team approach is how you get paid to the max. Yes, an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. But there are other ways to cash flow. Royalties, Residuals, Refunds to name a few. The CEO of Me Inc. turns skill into dollars and value into a pipeline. This way money is not simply about punching a clock. It’s about meeting a need and attracting new streams. Sometimes by branding your pain.

Elizabeth Edwards’ book Resilience, recounts her battle with Cancer. It also talks about her husband’s infidelity. Two difficult and very personal subjects. Maybe a lesson in business and life. The CEO of Me Inc. combines the personal and professional by turning wounds into wisdom. Pain into Profit. Hurt into net-worth. Kirk Franklin, adopted at two. Now he’s a mega gospel artist. Oprah goes from abuse to Billionaire mogul.

In any business you’ll find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The same is true for a sports team or individual. What do Lebron, Oprah and others have in common? A strong inside-outside game. They rock! They get the respect of peers. That’s a plus for the personal and professional. It works for a pro, the everyday Joe and Me Inc. CEO. Weaknesses are lowered. Strengths are raised. Opportunities are seized. And threats become assets.

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