Part 10 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 “A dream delayed is not a dream denied!” That’s what I was told. Maybe you can relate. It might even apply to Lebron James. In 2004 he made the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Dream Team. It was a revamped team with some young NBA stars early in their careers. They had a disappointing finish. Taking home the bronze medal.

They had more losses than in prior Olympics. So this was a meltdown. Fast forward the story to 2008. James was again a member of the ‘new and approved’ Redeem Team. This time a gold medal was their prize and source of pride. What does this say about living your dreams? Well, chances are you’ll have a letdown or setback along the way. A defining moment for sure.

How did they turn things around? It started with a return to basics. A change in philosophy to build complete teams. In the past, USA Basketball had been putting together NBA superstars. They were good on paper but bad on the court. The change in philosophy resulted in better balance. The team had play-makers and game-changers. Players playing team-ball. Ballers making clutch plays.

It also produced a return to bliss. Webster’s dictionary defines bliss as a state of complete happiness.  Ever watched a child using playdoo? Or a senior citizen playing bingo? They are lost in time. No care in the world other than the moment. The USA Men’s team went from a losing record in 2004 to a winning record in 2008. Their mojo was back!   

So what about being on a dream team as the CEO of Me Inc? Hone the basics. Develop balance. Do more to educate. Watch how much you medicate. Got job dissatisfaction? Pursue your passion. Find bliss. Let it rip! You’ll be surprised what you can do when your butt’s on the line. And never let a disappointment prevent you from making a comeback. Keep rising to the top!

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