Part 7 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 More than 13 years ago I had a wake-up call. I was told “you’re not promotion material.” This experience was the start of something good. It caused me to ponder where my career was going. How would I climb the career ladder? Was it time to do something else? By now you heard First Lady Michelle Obama share her wake-up call. It prompted her to leave a high-paying job at a mega law firm to enter Public Service.

Most everybody has a wake-up call experience in their career or life itself. You get laid off. You miss out on a promotion. You feel disconnected, rejected or disrespected. Some people enter a mid-life transition. You look at reinventing or repositioning your skills. This happens in pro sports as well. A team loses a close game. A star player is traded. The coach says “shake it off and re-group.” Maybe someone retires after a career-ending injury. Then becomes an Entrepreneur or Broadcast Analyst.

Here’s what happened almost three years after my wake-up call. I left my job to pursue my dream. I became the CEO of Me Inc. I now have a built-in wake-up call. An internal alarm clock. Each day provides the opportunity to grow, excel, inspire. You have more focus of mind. Fire in the belly. Fun at work. Fighting spirit. Purpose in living. Why? Because you come ready to work. Ready to play. Ready to go to the next level.

That’s what Lebron James displays as a pro athlete. He takes more shots in practice. Works hard and plays smart. Puts it all on the line in the game. On the court he’s in the zone. On the bench he’s cheering his teammates with high-fives and a big smile. Some say they look unstoppable. Are they going to need a wake-up call? That’s what the TV Commentator asked of James after a game.

James’ response left a hint of the Me Inc.CEO experience.”Each game is a chance to grow as a team. The win is important but getting better is what matters.” James does the extra work of a champion. His play brings a lot of joy to the game. He comes ready to work, play and go to the next level. In the NBA and in life. He lives in the moment. In his words, “my time on the court feels like everlasting.”

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