Part 6 – Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

daddy-daughter09 Breaking News…Lebron James is being linked to miracle grow. Move over A-Rod! James has a step on you. But there’s more to this ‘hot news’ story. James was just named league MVP. His game is up in points, rebounds and assists. His value is up in leadership, sponsorship and showmanship. James is on track to surpass Shaq.

When you hear miracle grow you think ‘green thumb.’ Yards, gardens and flower beds. Some use it to stimulate growth. Others use a more conventional approach. Planting, Pruning or Priming. How does the Me Inc. CEO use miracle grow? To fire-up a new season of personal & professional growth.

First you have to nurture a new mindset. Get your mind right (so to speak). Then plant the seed. Water the seed. Watch it grow. So KFC has a new grilled chicken? The Colonel says “unthink what you thought about KFC.” That’s a new business seed. A new fast-food mindset. Original recipe with a gril-licious taste. When is your season of growth? Start by reviewing and renewing the ideas in your mind.

To stimulate growth you have to prune your skill-set. Pruning is a process of removing. Get rid of dead or dying branches. This makes resources more available. Pruning your skills means upgrading your abilities and capabilities.  Learn something new. Re-learn something you already knew. Increase your output and outcome. Your wattage and mileage. Bud new smarts. Flow new energy.

Just a little miracle grow and watch yourself glow. Prime the person on the inside. Bloom your personality on the outside. Deepen your roots. Increase your reach. Read books. Master your game. Reinvent yourself. Like James, you can sport a new ‘jet-set.’ Give your performance a boost. Raise your appeal to magnetic. Make your paycheck see more green. You’ll be flying high. Looking and feeling FABULOUS!

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