Let Your Dreams Fly.

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daddy-daughter09 “Fly Robin fly, up up to the sky!” Remember that song from back in the ‘70s? OK I’m giving away my age, So what. I would never sing it but we sure can live by it. Getting your career to soar starts by giving your dreams a chance. You don’t have to wait until the Powerball payout is in the millions. You just have to move on purpose.


When you travel overseas you have to fill out customs forms. One of the questions on the form is, “purpose of visit?” In other words are you here on business or pleasure. Letting your dreams fly depends on knowing your life’s purpose. If your dream is by Divine design then your purpose gives the reason for going into flight. It gives the reason why for letting your dreams fly.


Once that is set you then need a plan. The plan helps to put the idea, concept or business on paper. The plan is how you line up your desired vision with the required action. The plan helps you see it on paper the same way a builder sees it in a blueprint. Letting your dreams fly also takes practice. Practice positions you for top performance. Every pilot begins the trip with a flight plan. He keeps his skills sharp with a flight simulator.


Probably the least discussed quality of a pilot is that of patience. The destination is known. The flight duration is confirmed. The only thing left is to get there. It takes sticking to the plan and being patient in the execution. Letting your dreams fly takes patience as well. You’ll get there in the nick of time between departure and arrival. Between Divine design and life’s natural course of travel.


The path to your dream takes purpose of action. It takes having a plan and working your plan. It takes patience in order to go the distance. It takes:

1.     D – Discovering your childhood wishes and adult passions.

2.     R – Raising your expectations and qualifications.

3.     E – Engine-uity that puts you in the driver’s seat.

4.     A – Attitude of gratitude and fortitude to see it through.

5.     M – Mission possible for doing what you love.  


That’s a sneak peak of my story leaving a techie job in Corporate America to pursue my dream. The journey continues.

Podcast Soundtrack – “Clips & Hits”

Play ‘R & B Flava’ Podcast track here

Play ‘Reggae Flava’ Podcast track here

One thought on “Let Your Dreams Fly.

  1. My good brother, Doc! Thanks for the information and information in the letting your Dreams Fly piece and the reminder that patience, powerfully packed by God’s plan for your life is key. Keep being fruitful with your creativity – we need it to hear your voice and vision during this season. Peace & Blessings,

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