Do You See Color?

daddy-daughter09 Heard the buzz about ISEECOLOR? It’s a new Social Networking site started by a nationally syndicated radio personality. It seems to combine social and content. Fast becoming a hit, it raises the question “do you see color?”  Choose Yes, No, or let me explain.


If yes then maybe you’re able to see people for who they are. You see them without having to second-guess them. If no, then maybe you’re fooling yourself. You should be able to see color without having to judge color. That’s basically what Dr. King said in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.


Don’t take my word for it. Let’s go to the video tape transcript. King started out by recounting the days of slavery, segregation and discrimination. He chastised the Government about the lack of equality for the Negro. He spoke about poverty in a land of prosperity. He said America had issued the Negro a Bad Check which came back marked insufficient funds.


The ‘60s freedom campaign was about opening the doors of opportunity. It was about leveling the playing fields. King warned that there was a fierce urgency of now. This often used slogan by President Obama meant that the waiting game was over. So, WWKD? What would King do or say in response to the question “do you see color?”


The answer is right there in the speech. King said “militancy must not lead us to distrust all white people. Many of our white brothers and sisters realize that their destiny is tied up with ours.” Whether you’re Black or White, our collective destinies are tied together. When you see color you won’t devalue or overvalue others. You can see color without having to judge by color. So what does it really mean if you don’t see color? Let me explain.


You saw the recent Newspaper cartoon. You heard the speech by Attorney General Eric Holder. Race in America is not going away. In Jamaica where I grew up we learned to focus on ethnicity (what makes us same). This helped us appreciate race (what makes us different). That’s a lesson we can all use to see color without having to fear race. Remember, success runs in every race.

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Working on a Dream.

daddy-daughter09 Coldplay and Jay-Z performed at the Grammys. Together! Who would have put these two on the same stage? Let’s not kid ourselves. It wasn’t really a match made in heaven. They did their thing and a few people cheered. Not sure we’ll ever see this on Youtube. But there’s something here we can work with.


How about Lil Wayne and Bruce Springsteen together? Can you dig that? One guy represents the ghetto while the other the Hills. Ok, it may be a stretch but they have a common story to tell. Both are recording artists, yes. Both are working on a dream, for sure. Lil Wayne’s coming from the ‘hood in New Orleans. He’s probably seen a thing or two. Springsteen Reinventing himself over the years. This says a lot of his longevity in the business.


In Lil Wayne’s pre-Grammy interview he described himself as Gangsta. I see where he’s coming from. But his work ethic helps explain his success. Working on a dream is not for the feint hearted. Even those as young as Lil Wayne or as old as Springsteen have a shot. It takes some attitude, fortitude and a proven formula.

  1. See it. 
  2. Build it.
  3. Sell it.
  4. Drink on it.

The life journey of Dr. Ben Carson was recently told in a made-for-TV movie. As a young man he remembered a story shared by his Pastor. It was about a Missionary Doctor who worked with the less fortunate. This stuck with Carson. He was not trying to grow up to be a Lil Wayne. Instead he wanted to become a Brain Surgeon. He saw himself through that story. Working on a dream involves visioning yourself. Vision helps to create your reality. Reality helps to mold your vision. Gradually your vision and reality merge into dream come true.


Some say Lil Wayne is more than a Gangsta. He’s a musical genius. He travels between events on two custom buses. One is his home on wheels. The other is his mobile studio. At any moment he can turn an idea into a hot track. He can build some new beats. It helps to have a scratch pad or a test track when working on your dream. You save yourself some public mistakes. You prove to yourself that the dream is doable. This way you can begin to build it as you see it.


 The first and toughest sell is to yourself. Self-talk can be a positive or a stumbling block. The best self-talk is the one that helps you sell your ideas. After you sell yourself (to yourself) you have to sell it to your target market. It’s harder to sell someone something if you don’t believe in yourself. So, I have a secret to tell. This blog is one way for you to eavesdrop on my sell.


 Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was recently embarrassed by pictures of him smoking weed. No charges are being filed but he’s learned a lesson. It’s OK to celebrate your victories. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink on living your dreams. Just know that not everybody around you is for you. When you win have a party. Invite some friends (including me). Working on your dreams should include a time for work, for play and for hip hip hooray.


Living your dreams is a great way to pump new life into your workday. That’s because creativity shows you’ve got skillz. The results you produce show your creativity. This works no matter where you are on your dream journey. It’s like going through the seasons. Each year there’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. So it is with living your dreams. You see it, build it, sell it and drink on it. Then you start the cycle all over again. Hopefully each new season brings more success.

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The Love Of Your Life.


Happy Valentines Dad!

There’s a movie in the works and here’s a sneak peak. The title has not yet been decided. It will be called either Perfect Match or Perfect Affair. It’s a love story centered on the question “is the love of your life also the lust of your life?” This question seems tricky but it’s for real. So let’s talk about it. The movie might not fully answer the question. But it’s sure to stir up some passion.

It will be headlined by four internationally known actors. Their initials are H.C., W.C., M.B. and H.H.O. Without giving away much more let’s just say they are veterans in the business. The characters they play are not unlike typical male-female relationships. There’s love, lust and a little Levitra for those suffering from equipment dysfunction. Some need a front-end lifter.

 These actors were chosen because of their past roles in the Soaps. Take for example H.H.O. who’s sometimes called Mr. Flow. His role shows that communication is key in any relationship. This character was once a playa and abuser but now teaches the ropes of relationships. He now realizes that “to argue is to compete while to communicate is to understand.” He shows how communication is important for a healthy relationship with your mate.


Then there’s M.B. who plays the role of a Corporate Executive making big money. His job includes extensive travel. His clients are some of the who’s who in sports and entertainment. His friends are among the best and the brightest. His wife is a stay-at-home Mom taking care of three young children. The turning point in his relationship was when he became very ill. His wife took on the role of night nurse. Being helpless forced him to begin seeing her as his equal and not his gofer.


His wife whose initials are W.C. (she kept her maiden name) is a strong woman. Because she is a homemaker doesn’t mean she is a slouch. Here’s a woman who did everything around the house and home. She sometimes found this to be a thankless role. Even so, she did a marvelous job of managing the household while her man was down and out. Her role is getting couples to share the load and thereby deepen the love. She believes there’s a difference between running the household and keeping the household running.


Not to be taken lightly is the role of sex in the movie. That’s where H.C. (aka Sweetie) comes in.  What’s a love story without a good love scene? Some women like to use sex as an emotional weapon. They hoard up the lovin’ to get their man to act right. Some men like to use it as an ego-driven scorecard. Basically thinking the more the merrier. The point that H.C. tries to make in the movie is that sex is more than just an event-filler. It should be seen as a fulfiller.

This movie could be headlined by anyone who’s seen the ups and downs of a relationship. We picked these characters because of their experience and commitment. If your relationship is the perfect match then it probably was love at first sight. If it was lust at first sight then maybe it’s the perfect affair. No matter where you start out, it can still have a good, long ending. Just be sure to invite Hot Chocolate (Sweetie), Whip Cream, Marshmallow Balls and Some H(2)O to the party. Happy Valentines!

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Their Last Dollar Turned Into Millions!

daddy-daughter2 “Bailout, Babies, Blagojevich and Bullsh%!.” That’s the headline from last week’s series of events. First it was the Stimulus Plan being passed with no Republican support. What’s up with that? Then we heard about the Octuplet births where we later found out that the mother already had six kids. What’s your feeling? Then it was the former Illinois Governor being impeached by the State Senate after a weeklong media blitz. Is a movie in the works?


As if that weren’t enough to chew on, then it was reported that bonuses were paid out to executives of companies that received government bailout money. Some have come to the defense of these decisions by saying that it was good for the economy. Let me ask this question, if these companies did not receive the bailout they would have failed, right? And if they had failed there would be no money to pay bonuses, right? So, what’s wrong with this picture?


Well, let’s get back on message so that I’m not accused of wearing my feelings on my sleeves. It’s interesting how RPs (that’s the rich & privileged) found ways to use the taxpayer bailout to turn their last dollar into million dollar bonuses. The everyday person has to hope and pray to make ends meet. And if the average Joe were to go from broke to billions they would have to do it the old-fashioned way. Successful rags to riches or zero to hero stories seem to have a common theme and similar tale.


Before we learn more about how someone like Tyler Perry turned his last dollar into millions, let’s look at a company like Fedex for clues on building your business or career into big dollars. When you examine how Fedex does business you’ll find the following key components:


1.     Express

2.     Ground

3.     Freight

4.     Office


The Express services represent the bread and butter of their business. It’s where they move packages overnight and in the process move the marketplace. It represents the way they maximize the assets of their business. You also have assets that you bring to your business or the marketplace as well. The way you sharpen your skills or improve your game will determine how you maximize your assets. It’s not something that happens instantly and that’s why turning your last dollar into millions is not an overnight success.


The Ground services represent the delivery of packages the bare-bones way. This means transporting by rail for some but in the case of Fedex by road. When all else fails, this part of the business can keep them going if all the planes stopped flying. What do you do or who do you have in your life that helps you stay grounded? Is it a friend, family, a past experience, or your values? One way you know you’re working in the right field or building the right business is when your work supports your values and your values drive your work.


Then there is the Freight division of their business. Not much is said about how much freight is handled by Fedex but trust me it’s quite a load. This area is like the heart and soul of their business. It’s probably where everything got started before the company blew up. How do you put your heart and soul into what you do? Sometimes there’s a need for compassion and sometimes there’s a need for full blown passion. It takes passion to keep building your business or growing in your career if you hope to see the day when millions of people hear about your work.


What was once Kinkos has now been folded into Fedex Office. This area covers printing to copying, and publishing to promotion. It’s about helping to add the efficiency or effectiveness element to the way business gets done. Efficiency involves doing things better while effectiveness involves doing new and better things. Can you find ways in your job/business tasks to improve your rating, increase your cash flow and add a new level of efficiency or effectiveness to the bottom line?


Producer/Actor Tyler Perry is best known on the Theater Circuit for playing the Madea Character. His journey to riches is one that we all can learn from and emulate. Here’s a guy who was once homeless and down to his last few bucks. Perry arrived at a turning point where he looked in himself, looked up to God and then started working on his dream. While it hasn’t happened overnight we have seen it happen right before our very eyes as he has gone from plays to film to TV sitcoms. Like Fedex, Perry knows that it takes heart, passion, skill and pizzazz to turn your last dollar into millions.

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