Lebron James is the CEO of Me Inc.

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daddy-daughter09 People are asking what it means to be the CEO of Me Inc. Of course, that’s the subtitle of my book. But it’s also a mindset to career success. Lebron James showed how in his recent 60 Minutes interview on CBS. It’s almost as if he were telling you what’s in the book.


Here’s a guy who grew up poor in Akron Ohio. He was raised by a single mother who had some early challenges. Like most boys, he started playing basketball at a young age. This helped him stay out of trouble. Now he’s a multi-million dollar NBA Superstar and sports icon. How did he get there?


He sees himself as the CEO of Me Inc. Even though he plays pro hoops he also knows about being your own boss. This puts you in the driver’s seat of your career. It sets the stage for top-notch performance. Being your own boss is in knowing the difference between where you report to and who you work for. I work for ‘Big G-o-d.’ How ‘bout you?


King James (as he’s commonly called) is fast becoming a media magnet. He fired his agent and hired some of his childhood friends to run his other ventures. James shows how the CEO of Me Inc. means you are a brand. This gives you market identity. It gives options for multiple streams of income. It provides a ‘layoff proof’ model for the 21st century gig.


The one goal that James is yet to achieve is an NBA championship. He’s doing everything he can to improve his game. James admits he hasn’t yet reached his peak. But he shows how being the CEO of Me Inc. is a setup for ‘good, better, best.’ Sports Illustrated once deemed him the chosen one. Well, that might be a stretch. But it’s a good reminder of how being the CEO of Me Inc. lines-up with your professional calling or vocation.

Podcast Soundtrack – “Clips & Hits”

Play ‘R & B Flava’ Podcast track here

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