New Job, New Career, New Business.

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daddy-daughter09 Know the 4 ways, 13 steps to a new career or business? It’s like one, two, three, money, money, money. Here’s a good place to start. Find your main thing. Choose your professional sides. Serve your purpose. You gotta know how to live it up. You gotta know how to tell your story.


Here’s what happened the last time you went to a restaurant. You were seated in your preferred section. You were given a menu. From there you ordered an appetizer, entrée and maybe dessert. Think back to the entrée. It came with a main thing. Maybe chicken or beef or fish.


That main thing came with some sides. Maybe rice or fries. Greens or some veggies. Well that’s a good way to look at where to start. Raise your game. Reinvent your career. Start a new business. First find your main skill, strength or marketable gig. Then surround that main thing with professional sides. This means looking around for multiple streams of income.


Now, suppose your food was not served on a plate? You’d be mad as shad, right? That’s where serving with your purpose comes into play. Your life’s purpose is like the plate. Talent makes you good at what you do. Purpose makes you good at serving-up what you do. Together, you’re just good at making it ‘do what it do.’


Let’s put your main thing, professional sides and purpose to work. Start by writing a letter to life. Begin this way. “Dear life, this is to inform you of my intentions for career, business, relationships and life itself.” Go ahead, finish the letter and tell life what you want. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired then buckle up. Work it out. When you’re done you would have just written what the experts call a mission statement.

Podcast Soundtrack – “Clips & Hits”

Play ‘R & B Flava’ Podcast track here

Play ‘Reggae Flava’ Podcast track here

One thought on “New Job, New Career, New Business.

  1. I was just reading your post here, and I must say, I applaud it. The illustration of a quality meal was excellent. Keep sharing your knowledge man, you’re helping people.


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