Peace, Love & Soul.

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daddy-daughter09 What makes a relationship click? I’m thinking it’s peace, love and soul. Maybe it’s sex, laughs and rock & roll. With all the buzz about domestic abuse beat downs and break-ups even Oprah decided to sound off. So, what made Oprah have to speak her mind? Well, there’s more.


Relationships can be social, nuptial or professional. Take marriage for example. You are one. You see the other person as your equal, not your sequel. Opposites do attract. It’s where sweet and sour can go together. You’re keeping it real. People hang around those who make them feel good about simple stuff.


You know you have a good thing if there’s a love connection. You begin to see the other person as a potential soul-mate. The key is whether there is less drama and more peace. Maybe that’s what Oprah was trying to say to the lovebirds. There is far too much drama for such a rush in getting back together.


In business some of the same points apply. You gotta have trust. A good business relationship is built on feeling secure, one with the other. You get no respect? Well, respect is earned not bought or scammed. A good student might become a Rhodes Scholar. A good soldier might receive military honors. A good business partnership builds equity and loyalty.


So, you’re trying to nail-down a relationship. It could be going from boo to wifey. Going from networking friend to business partner. A marriage that works has peace, love and soul-mate. A relationship that works builds trust, respect and equity. That’s saying the same thing. They are the glue that keeps the partnership alive and makes the relationship stick.

Podcast Soundtrack – “Clips & Hits”

Play ‘R & B Flava’ Podcast track here

Play ‘Reggae Flava’ Podcast track here


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