How the Trump Brand Works.

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daddy-daughter09 “You jigglin’ in them jeans.” Ever said that to someone? Were you trying to hit on them? Not really! Just paying a complement, right? Maybe you heard those words before and knew they were talking about you. You wore your favorite jeans and somebody took notice. It made you feel good. Well your business brand or persona should create the same feeling.


Here’s a thought. People don’t buy your product or service. They buy you. They also buy more on emotion than on logic. Think about it. You’re buying the feeling you get from wearing those jeans. So marketing and selling involves having a brand. It involves connecting the brand with an emotional payback. Isn’t that how the Trump Brand works?


Watch Donald Trump in action. He has a certain style and flare. You might not like how he wears his hair. But the Donald gets it. Branding is style. Style is important but not enough. You’ve got to have some substance. Style without substance is just a fad. It soon fades away. Substance is the content of who you are and what you bring. It’s the brick and mortar, the body and brains. Effective branding brings style and substance to the mix.


Branding is really the subtext of your business or persona. Nobody really cares about your business. They just care about how your business satisfies their needs. Sometimes that’s with a product. Sometimes that’s with a service. Branding is to your business what style is to your persona. It’s the subtext of who you are and what you do in the marketplace. 

The Trump Brand is Real Estate. It is Casinos and Golf Course Design. There’s probably more. The Trump Brand sparks feelings of authority, money and celebrity. He has a helicopter to go along with the Penthouse in Trump Tower. That’s how the Trump Brand works. These come through real clear on his Reality TV Show. It might even explain why the Donald is such a marketable Brand.

Podcast Soundtrack – “Clips & Hits”

Play Podcast here


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