Do You See Color?

daddy-daughter09 Heard the buzz about ISEECOLOR? It’s a new Social Networking site started by a nationally syndicated radio personality. It seems to combine social and content. Fast becoming a hit, it raises the question “do you see color?”  Choose Yes, No, or let me explain.


If yes then maybe you’re able to see people for who they are. You see them without having to second-guess them. If no, then maybe you’re fooling yourself. You should be able to see color without having to judge color. That’s basically what Dr. King said in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.


Don’t take my word for it. Let’s go to the video tape transcript. King started out by recounting the days of slavery, segregation and discrimination. He chastised the Government about the lack of equality for the Negro. He spoke about poverty in a land of prosperity. He said America had issued the Negro a Bad Check which came back marked insufficient funds.


The ‘60s freedom campaign was about opening the doors of opportunity. It was about leveling the playing fields. King warned that there was a fierce urgency of now. This often used slogan by President Obama meant that the waiting game was over. So, WWKD? What would King do or say in response to the question “do you see color?”


The answer is right there in the speech. King said “militancy must not lead us to distrust all white people. Many of our white brothers and sisters realize that their destiny is tied up with ours.” Whether you’re Black or White, our collective destinies are tied together. When you see color you won’t devalue or overvalue others. You can see color without having to judge by color. So what does it really mean if you don’t see color? Let me explain.


You saw the recent Newspaper cartoon. You heard the speech by Attorney General Eric Holder. Race in America is not going away. In Jamaica where I grew up we learned to focus on ethnicity (what makes us same). This helped us appreciate race (what makes us different). That’s a lesson we can all use to see color without having to fear race. Remember, success runs in every race.

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