Barack Obama & Richard Branson: Two Smart Guys Who Make us Want to Be Like Them #BigTimeUniversity

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (Old-School Flava)

The Superbowl is over but the memories will live on forever. That’s how it certainly feels for those who came out on the winning side. After the game’s overtime comeback many also welcomed the Obama’s return from vacation. He and Richard Branson are two smart guys who make us want to be like them.

These days Obama might be feeling like Michael Vick who announced his retirement. In an ESPN interview Vick said “I’m ready to move on to different things in my life and different facets of my life.” They’re open to another road to career heaven by chasing new dreams to a point of major satisfaction.

Maybe Branson is the right guy to spend time with them on that road. He’s been down different ones a time or two. He was ready to show BO what it feels like to sail, surf and sky to a new venture in career high. It didn’t hurt Obama was willing to go after something he missed because of his role as POTUS44.

Michelle brought her beach style to the shoreline. BO brought his ‘beach cool’ to the kite-surfing highline. Trying something new was very appealing. He took the challenge of stretching beyond his comfort zone to enjoy the splash of success. It’s a day or night to remember, the people and things that give us chills.

In a social media post on his Nobel Peace Summit Award Branson wrote “So many of life’s successes, including many of mine, are owed to the trailblazing actions of others.” Sometimes chasing the dream is inspired by seeing yourself in the success of others and carries on in the lessons shared with others.

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Hotstepping’ – Get Jiggy, Get Woke!”
A Cool Way for Flexing Style, Game & Soul in How We Roll (New-School Flava)

Another Superbowl done over. Memories to last forever. How those on winning side feel. After last minute overtime steal. Comeback from losing position. To winning and confetti celebration. Meanwhile Obama’s back from vacation. He and Richard Branson two smart guys. Make us want to be like them in wise.

These days Obama on next phase. After downtime and goodbye praise. Maybe feeling like Vick on retirement shift. Into new things as a rift. Wants to move on to new facets. And to apply passion assets. A new career heaven to suppose. Chasing new dreams who knows. To point of satisfaction, smell the rose.

Maybe Branson right guy to share an ode. From time spent on similar road. Been down ones a time or two. Ready to show BO on making it do what it do. What it feels like to sail, surf and sky. To a new venture in career high. BO going after what’s missed. As POTUS44 and FLOTUS44 getting kissed.

Michelle brought beach style to shoreline. BO his ‘beach cool’ to surfing highline. Trying something new very appealing. With cap turned backwards had us reeling. Took the challenge of stretching beyond. Past comfort zone and splash in the pond. In day or night of some thrills. People and things that give us chills.

About Nobel Peace Award Branson wrote. Sometimes getting to success is how you float. On trailblazing actions of other stars. Or striving for house, land and cars. Chasing the dream to the next place. Doing things at your own pace. Inspiring yourself through few kin folks. Those in biz school or just telling jokes.


Tip: Chasing the dream can further inspire confidence by seeing yourself in the success of others.

Talkback: What might we expect from the Obama’s as their post-presidency style?

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This production of “Wise-up Weekly” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

Fast & Furious’ @Tyrese and Biz Mogul Richard Branson Face Different Challenges for Next-Level Living! – #WUWECAST

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (Old-School Flava)

Know someone who just had a birthday? If so they’re one year older and wiser. That’s how it feels when celebrating your next milestone is less about age and more about experiences. Maybe that’s why actor/singer Tyrese and Richard Branson from Virgin Group face different challenges for next-level living.

Branson who turned 65 said “I can assure you I have no plans to retire. I can’t imagine not working, as I’ve never seen work as work and play as play – it’s all just living.” It’s really how game changers, dream chasers and glass-ceiling breakers keep things fun. They stretch themselves in mind, body and spirit.

While not in the same league, Tyrese’s challenge is getting airplay on mainstream radio. He doesn’t put limits on his career and thinks it’s not fair for others to put limits on his music. His success has spanned music, movies and television. His vision is to stretch his music appeal beyond a genre-specific brand.

Branson’s a guy with business savvy most of his life. In some circles he’s called a serial entrepreneur having a hand in various biz ventures. Beyond music stores and a global airline, Branson’s now poised to commercialize space travel. They both take time to celebrate life as they soar into the record books.

Plus, they’re plugged-in to social media as Branson’s taking ideas for 65 challenges he’ll tackle in the next year. One challenge he’s already finished is sitting still for 65 minutes. For the busy person he is, that wasn’t easy. He posted a selfie doing so as he enjoyed the scene on his private island view.

They’ll use these challenges to inspire others to capture their dreams and pamper their souls. So, in the end, we all might affirm the words of Oprah, another icon in the game who said “My confidence comes from knowing there is a Force, a Power greater than myself, that I am a part of and is also a part of me.”

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Theme:–The Year of ‘Uppertunity’ – Get Lifted!”
With Higher Hopes, Bolder Dreams and Greater Teams (New-School Flava)

Know someone having a birthday bash? The young’uns hope to get some cash. If so they’re one year older. Better yet another year wiser. That’s how it feels for a milestone. Less about age, but being in the zone. So Richard Branson and Tyrese face a challenge that’s here. Dude this is serious but have no fear.

Branson turned 65 and lights a fire. Says “I can assure you, no plans to retire.” Really can’t imagine not even working. Work as work and play as play – it’s all living. How game changers and dreamers stay on the run. As they and glass-ceiling breakers keep things fun. Stretching mind, body and spirit in the sun.

While not in the same game. Tyrese wants to maximize his name. To get airplay on mainstream radio. Is what he’d like to hear in stereo. Doesn’t put limits on his career track. Thinks it’s not fair to be held back. His success spans music, movies and TV. Vision to stretch music branding beyond Urban AC.

Branson’s a guy with savvy and smarts. Most of his life he’s played many parts. Serial entrepreneur with lots of ventures. Travels the world in wild adventures. Beyond music stores and global airliner. Poised as first space travel entertainer. It’s how they celebrate and soar. Into record books but who’s keeping score.

Checking ideas from social media page. Vast followers across the world stage. For 65 challenges Branson tackles for kicks. Got no reason for playing tricks. One’s already done just to show. Sitting still 65 minutes, a pain you know. That wasn’t easy for him to do. Posted a selfie from his private island view.

Both hope to inspire others at least. To capture dreams, pamper souls and rally the beast. Some put confidence in a Force or Power to be contender. That’s something else a few others might remember. So in the end like Oprah we’ll get to see. As icon in the game that Force is part of you and me.


Tip: A challenge is nothing more than having a goal, a dream or a deadline to rise to the next-level in your prime.

Talkback: How do you challenge yourself and keep things fun?

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This production of “Wise-up Wednesdays” Blogcast by Douette ‘Doc’ Cunningham is a presentation in “social media entertainment from the groove-track of life!” #WUWECAST

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Blends Business and Pleasure into Dream Flight


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

What will cost around $200,000 and leave you almost breathless? That’s a trip into space as a “tourist astronaut.” This vision is moving closer to reality with space flight pre-orders so far of $70 million dollars from 580 individuals. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic blends business and pleasure into a dream flight.

It’s a long time coming with a few more milestones to cross. Branson, the serial-entrepreneur is forging ahead and building partnerships. His company recently announced the hotel venue and veteran chef who’ll service clients visiting the spaceport launch site in New Mexico. This will boost the local economy.

The space flight cost includes pre-flight training. This prepares passengers for the exhilaration of the trip. Not everybody has that kind of money. But anybody having put a dream in flight or a business in motion knows it takes some specialty training to get going. This is preparation for climbing to the next level.

There’ve been a few delays with the vision rollout. Branson’s team says it’s to ensure efficiency and safety. So they’ve continued a rigorous series of testing. With dream/biz startup there’re delays too. There’s also the testing of faith, skill and commitment. These delays help ensure readiness for greatness.

Branson has seen his share of biz startups and project hiccups. The company’s vision of becoming the first commercial spaceline remains on track. The passengers will enjoy an “out-of-the-seat, zero-gravity” experience. That’s a good way to describe dreams and biz ventures that produce trailblazing results.   



Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Cost of $20K leaves some penny-less? A trip to space that leaves you breathless. Tourist austronaut’s the next it-thing. A vision moving closer to a rich dad’s fling. Pre-orders so far of $70 million dollars. From 580 regular folks and space scholars. Richard Branson’s dream of business and pleasure followers.

A long time concept in the making. A few more milestones for the breaking. Branson as serial-entrepreneur whiz. Forging ahead in partnership biz. Company picks hotel as their preferred inn. For local business economy it’s a win. Veteran chef to spice-up the taste. So that client visits don’t go to waste.

Space flight cost includes pre-training. With drills and lessons even if it’s raining. Prepares passengers for trip exhilaration. Souring into the skies short of space exploration. True, not many have that kind of cash. But dreams and biz startups don’t happen in a flash. It takes a next-level climb to a bigger stash.

A few delays in rollout efficiency. Branson’s team wants to ensure safety. With a robust series of pre-flight testing. Things take longer than the asking. Dreams and biz visions have delays too. A testing of your faith, skills and being true. Delays that ensure launch readiness. As a pre-cursor to reaching greatness.

Branson’s seen his share of startups. Along with setbacks and project hiccups. Company’s commercial spaceline a first. Remains on track, no ways worst. Passengers will enjoy “out-of-seat” ride. Then a zero-gravity pre-return glide. A good way to describe dream biz ventures. That produce trailblazing adventures.  

Tip: A trailblazing biz innovation is to a dream as winning is to a team. It makes for an exhilarating experience.

Talkback: What are the chances of space flight becoming as common as regular commercial flight?

Sir Richard Branson To Launch an Out-of-World Experience in Space Flight


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

After winning the X-Prize Spaceflight competition in 2004 with SpaceShipOne, Virgin Galactic upped its game in commercial space travel. That journey began eight years earlier with the vision of British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson and others. In 2014 he plans to launch an out-of-world experience in flight.

NBC Universal and its network of entertainment outlets have announced a partnership to promote the events leading up to the first commercial spaceflight next year. This ‘where were you moment’ will feature Branson and his kids among six other civilians aboard SpaceShipTwo. It’s a dream long in the making.

The journey from vision to reality is what many experience in living their dreams. The American dream is filled with examples of those who pursued greater opportunity. Many left their homeland without much to show. A driving force has been channeling a sense of purpose by turning an idea into an action plan.

In U.S. history we had the gold rush. That was part of the Western migration of people looking to secure land and get natural resources in hand. Then we had the Industrial Revolution where many experienced the home-buying rush. Now we’re in a phase of the business ‘brand rush’ defined by the social revolution.

Many a dream got started by those far less-wealthy than Branson. What exists in passion often matters more than what’s found in money. Branson and others know that a dream starts off with a deep-down rush of inner juices. So, like him, maybe 2014 is the year for an out-of-world experience in dream flight.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Winner of X-Prize for Spaceflight. In 2004 SpaceShipOne reached new height. Then Virgin Galactic upped its game. Commercial space travel would make its name. Journey began eight years before. A glimpse of Sir Richard Branson’s vision score. Plans for out-of-world experience in space allure.

NBC Universal got first right. Entertainment outlets to promote first flight. With outlets from cable to theme park. Covering the feat from morning to dark. Billed as a ‘where were you moment’ in time. Will also feature Reality TV show in prime. Branson, his kids, six others for the taking. A dream long in the making.

Journeying from vision to reality. Sure to bring new-found notoriety. It’s what many experience living their dreams. Whether in biz or on sports teams. Going for greater opportunity out the door. Many leaving homeland for another shore. Channeling purpose as a driving force. Turning idea into action-plan course.

U.S. history had the gold rush. Western migration with the land crush. Natural resources had people looking. Before the Industrial Revolution was cooking. A time many saw rush in home-buying. Heading north with family left crying. Now it’s the ‘brand rush’ biz phase. Defined by social revolution craze.

Many a dream started small. By those with little-or-nothing at all. Found in passion not just for your honey. Matters more than what’s found in money. Branson and others are in the know. A dream makes rush of inner juices flow. Maybe 2014 the year to get it right. With an out-of-world experience in dream flight.

Tip: Upping your game means seeing your dreams for the passion that it is and keeping your eyes on the prize in the world of biz.

Talkback: Will commercial spaceflight become a normal social occurrence like air travel?