Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Blends Business and Pleasure into Dream Flight


Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (Old-School Flava)

What will cost around $200,000 and leave you almost breathless? That’s a trip into space as a “tourist astronaut.” This vision is moving closer to reality with space flight pre-orders so far of $70 million dollars from 580 individuals. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic blends business and pleasure into a dream flight.

It’s a long time coming with a few more milestones to cross. Branson, the serial-entrepreneur is forging ahead and building partnerships. His company recently announced the hotel venue and veteran chef who’ll service clients visiting the spaceport launch site in New Mexico. This will boost the local economy.

The space flight cost includes pre-flight training. This prepares passengers for the exhilaration of the trip. Not everybody has that kind of money. But anybody having put a dream in flight or a business in motion knows it takes some specialty training to get going. This is preparation for climbing to the next level.

There’ve been a few delays with the vision rollout. Branson’s team says it’s to ensure efficiency and safety. So they’ve continued a rigorous series of testing. With dream/biz startup there’re delays too. There’s also the testing of faith, skill and commitment. These delays help ensure readiness for greatness.

Branson has seen his share of biz startups and project hiccups. The company’s vision of becoming the first commercial spaceline remains on track. The passengers will enjoy an “out-of-the-seat, zero-gravity” experience. That’s a good way to describe dreams and biz ventures that produce trailblazing results.   



Theme:–The Year of ‘Brandemonium’
Where Hopes & Dreams Become Real on Breakout Teams” (New-School Flava)

Cost of $20K leaves some penny-less? A trip to space that leaves you breathless. Tourist austronaut’s the next it-thing. A vision moving closer to a rich dad’s fling. Pre-orders so far of $70 million dollars. From 580 regular folks and space scholars. Richard Branson’s dream of business and pleasure followers.

A long time concept in the making. A few more milestones for the breaking. Branson as serial-entrepreneur whiz. Forging ahead in partnership biz. Company picks hotel as their preferred inn. For local business economy it’s a win. Veteran chef to spice-up the taste. So that client visits don’t go to waste.

Space flight cost includes pre-training. With drills and lessons even if it’s raining. Prepares passengers for trip exhilaration. Souring into the skies short of space exploration. True, not many have that kind of cash. But dreams and biz startups don’t happen in a flash. It takes a next-level climb to a bigger stash.

A few delays in rollout efficiency. Branson’s team wants to ensure safety. With a robust series of pre-flight testing. Things take longer than the asking. Dreams and biz visions have delays too. A testing of your faith, skills and being true. Delays that ensure launch readiness. As a pre-cursor to reaching greatness.

Branson’s seen his share of startups. Along with setbacks and project hiccups. Company’s commercial spaceline a first. Remains on track, no ways worst. Passengers will enjoy “out-of-seat” ride. Then a zero-gravity pre-return glide. A good way to describe dream biz ventures. That produce trailblazing adventures.  

Tip: A trailblazing biz innovation is to a dream as winning is to a team. It makes for an exhilarating experience.

Talkback: What are the chances of space flight becoming as common as regular commercial flight?

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