Signing-off From the Office: What the “Great Resignation” Did to Create a New Vision for Work, Career and Lifestyle

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In sports news, Tom Brady is on his way back! Retirement didn’t last long. Rumors kept swirling he’d maybe head to the 49ers since they’ve been his childhood dream team. But not this time, he’s staying put in a different ‘Bay’ area. Some weren’t surprised while others were annoyed that he just won’t step aside.

The numbers are major in his pro career. He’s been on more Superbowl winning teams than any other player in history. He has so many championship rings he could almost wear them on each finger. It seems Brady isn’t quite ready to sign-off, hang-up his cleats or “take the bridge” to an off-the-field role.

Tom Brady Rings

There’re some other stunning numbers though around news of the Great Resignation. That’s the large wave of folks who’ve been stepping out, moving up and shifting gears in their careers. The pandemic caused many to reassess what’s important in work, career and lifestyle.

What’s driving the job change numbers into the millions? Well, it’s a dream come true to be doing what they love. It’s a way of getting lost in the work and having fun. Plus, it’s about enjoying more time at the parks and 9-to-5 benefits in the perks which bring big energy, money and happiness.

Some opted to start a biz, grow a side-hustle or pause to redirect their passion. Some might have made the move from job to career, while others took the career to vocation route where “purpose in living” is priceless. A big takeaway from all this is in a new vision for work based on great résumés that:   

  • Crossover:- Some skills are tied to a job and some have crossover appeal. Life’s transferrable skills can move from job to job as easily as traveling over a bridge from end to end.
  • Connect:- Does your favorite song keep playing in your head? Is it the verse, chorus or vibe that connects with your core? Social & professional networks forge connections around a skillset core.
  • Callout Dreams:- Early education gives baseline knowledge. Then we go deeper within a subject area. The pandemic pushed folks deeper to callout goals, dreams and bucket-lists.  
  • Collaborate:- Adding two numbers gives us a sum. Multiplying two numbers gives us a product. A collab across two numbers creates greater visibility and a sum of products in the marketplace.    
Baseball Breaking News

Of-course there was more sports news with word the baseball season isn’t lost. Sports fans were full of joy knowing that the seventh-inning stretch will be in full effect. The athletes’ careers have a season’s window of games. Over time they get to showcase clutch performances, or even change teams.

Other careers have a season’s window too, maybe with promotion or crossroads decision. Those not ready to retire, whether “comeback jocks” like Brady or “bounce-back execs” like Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, are proof of times pushing us towards ‘joy & mojo’ at work or ‘gin & juice’ at Happy Hour.

Talkback: Alexa, did Tom Brady retire? Siri, is Howard Schultz back at Starbucks? Hey Google (or Cortana), is Colin Kaepernick still in shape?

Tip: On the road of career travels, pit-stops come and go but a dream is like fuel for the ride.

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David Ortiz Leads Red Sox as The New ‘Mr. October’ in Baseball


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

Does David Ortiz remind us of anyone? Well, former NY Yankee Reggie Jackson comes to mind. Back in the day he was the one who often pulled-off big scores during the MLB World Series. Just days ago Ortiz did the same thing for the Boston Red Sox. He led his team as the new ‘Mr. October’ in baseball.

The stage was set in game four with the St. Louis Cardinals being up 2-1 in the series. Ortiz went to bat and got on base with a double. From second base he turned to his dugout and yelled “Let’s go!” with animated hand-clapping. At the end of the inning he gave an impromptu pep talk in the dugout.

The huddle could be seen on TV but not heard. So what might Ortiz have said to the guys to get them fired-up? Well, reports are that he told them to relax and make it happen. But Ortiz might have hinted that cream rises to the top. The next inning Jonny Gomes hit a 3-run homer to put them in the lead.

Some say that was a turning point in the game and probably in the series. The Red Sox went on to win that game. We saw a game-changing turnaround that Ortiz says wasn’t planned. This might be another example of how consciousness rises to the top. The team became more aware of the power within.

‘Big Papi’ Ortiz knows that the end of his playing days is not too far off. At age 37, he’s been in the league for some time and reached the pinnacle once or twice. He’s highly regarded by his teammates as someone who walks the talk. Maybe his example has shown them that ‘class’ also rises to the top.

World Series Cardinals Red Sox Baseball

The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

David Ortiz a flashback to anyone? Well Reggie Jackson could be that someone. Back in the day having the hot bat. Hitting homeruns and big scores down pat. Days ago Ortiz did the same thing. To earn himself another World Series ring. Led his team as new ‘Mr. October.’ With another season to remember.

Stage was set in game four. Cardinals ahead, Red Sox knocking at the door. Ortiz went to bat getting a double. Cardinals Manager knew they were in trouble. Ortiz yelled from second base “Let’s go!” With animated hand-clapping to show. Then giving a dugout pep talk. Time to get on base with hits or a walk.

Huddle could be seen but not heard. Teammates locked-in to his every word. What did he say to get them fired-up? Telling them to relax and suck-it-up. Reports are he kept things cool. Cream rises to the top as a rule. Next inning Jonny Gomes’ 3-run homer. That ball sailed like a goner.

Some say a turning point in the game. A reason for adding MVP to his name. Red Sox went on to win. Pouring champagne and sipping on gin. Ortiz used pep talk as motivating tool. Others say it was like baseball old-school. It’s how consciousness can move you to the top. Whether in MLB, R&B or Hip-Hop.

‘Big Papi’ knows his playing days could soon end. Might not be too far around the bend. At age 37 he’s no spring chicken. Still hoping for a few more tricks with his mitten. Reaching the pinnacle once or twice is steep. Highly regarded as a man who sows and reap. Showing ‘class’ rises to the top of the heap.

Tip: Upping your game is in knowing when to move and when to motivate others to make that move for the betterment of yourself, team, organization, community or country.

Talkback: How does ‘Big Papi’ compare to some of baseball’s best ever?