Jeb Corliss as the ‘Wingsuit Man’ Must be the Daredevil Of Our Day


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

It seems the word stuntman has taken on new meaning. Back in the day it was just amazing to see Evil Knievel do his motorcycle jumps across cars and canyons. It was jaw-dropping to see others do flips, spins and ride on one wheel. But Jeb Corliss as the ‘wingsuit man’ must be the daredevil of our day.

As a professional parachutist he’s done jumps from the Eiffel Tower, the Space Needle in Seattle and the sacred statue in Rio De Janeiro. Recently, he performed his death-defying ‘flying dagger’ jump from a helicopter 6000 feet above. He glided at 75-mph between two Chinese mountain peaks 25 feet apart.

In his words “It was the single gnarliest (craziest) thing I’ve ever done in my life, without a doubt.” The jump was almost cancelled due to bad weather. By the afternoon there was a break in the fog and a lull in the winds. Corliss says he did the stunt to show how with courage others can pursue their dreams.

Well, Operation J.U.M.P. says don’t believe the hype! This level of courage is not required for everybody’s dream. It’s not about being a daredevil as much as it’s about being a dare-dreamer. Dreams come with equal expectations but different sacrifice. In the end it comes down to taking a leap of faith.

Corliss will go on to do other mind-blowing stunts. These acts of ‘crazy’ are not to be tried at home. In the meantime, the rest of us can continue with ‘normal’ dreams that still require getting past some fears. It helps to rise about the ‘fray of the day’ in life’s situations to get a better view of the big picture.

Footnote: The level of courage required for pursuing dreams is not the same for everybody because dreams come with equal expectations but different sacrifice.

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