Lane Kiffin and USC Football Go Separate Ways After Some Rough Days


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

Everybody was reporting the big shakeup. The college football powerhouse known for athletes like Carson Palmer, Reggie Bush and Mark Sanchez has seen better teams. A recent ugly loss seemed to set things in motion. So former Head Coach Lane Kiffin and USC go separate ways after some rough days.

The sports junkies feel this wasn’t a surprise. Kiffin has gone through three or four recent coaching gigs with little success. The business gurus think this is more about the USC brand. With NCAA sanctions reducing their college scholarships, the front office had to make a course correction with Kiffin’s firing.

Things don’t always go down as dramatic in sports or the job market. Many business busts and careers shifts rarely get this much attention. True, the Blackberry brand is dealing with its own issues just like many who experienced layoff due to the economic slowdown. But Blackberry has found a buyer.

For the average Joe there’s no such buyout luck. So getting back in the flow can be rough going. In the meantime while working and waiting on the right offer, it’s about re-positioning value around a main thing or skill, marketable ‘extras’ and a larger purpose. That combination will help to attract the right situation.

Kiffin probably won’t be hurting for money. He’s come up the smooth side of the mountain. Even with him gone, a turnaround in the program goes deeper than one man. A decision to change is viewed in an instance of time. But for change to stick over time it takes a commitment that goes deeper than one loss.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Errbody’s talking ‘bout the shakeup. Would Kiffin and USC kiss and make-up? A football powerhouse on the skids. Former players like Palmer, Bush and Sanchez scoring grids. The program has seen better teams. Many living their NFL dreams. So Kiffin and USC part ways. After a bad loss and some ugly days.

For sports junkies not a surprise. Kiffin’s star power not on the rise. Gone through three or four recent gigs. Little success among sport bigwigs. Business gurus think it’s more about the brand. NCAA sanctions have tied their hand. Reduced scholarships and in hiring. Course correction in Kiffin’s firing.

Things not always so dramatic. Where the news is ever so climatic. Whether sports or job market competition. Shifts rarely get this much attention. True, Blackberry dealing with revenue losses. Company being sold to new bosses. Blackberry’s found a new buyer. As pink-slip folks still try to go higher.

No such luck for the average Joe. Hard getting back in the flow. Rough going and doubtful moments. With nobody as their agent or proponent. While working and waiting for the right offer. Think about subbing as a gofer. Add marketable skills and purpose as light. That combo puts a comeback in flight.

Kiffin won’t be hurting for money. Got some old-time milk and honey. Coming up the smoother side of life. Maybe not much pain and strife. Being gone not magic for a turnaround. Deeper than one person going from lost to found. Firing decision seen in an instance. But change happens over a season’s conference.

Tip: Upping your game happens by going deeper like roots in a family tree before going higher like leaves on an oak tree.

Talkback: Think it’s gonna take long before Kiffin gets another head coaching job or is he riding on hype?

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