Mark Zuckerberg’s Taking on the Internet as a Social Justice Project


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

When you think of the Industrial Revolution, Ford Motors comes to mind. They led the way in automated vehicle assembly. Well, there’s a new sheriff in town named Mark Zuckerberg. He hopes to lower the barriers and raise access to the web worldwide. He’s taking on the Internet as a social justice project.

As Facebook founder, Zuckerberg’s no stranger to the information technology revolution. He aims to bring the Internet to the other two-thirds of the world’s population. He thinks it’s gonna take some new efforts. This is true for gaps with the Internet as with the long-term jobless and gun violence that’s so senseless.

Zuckerberg wants to put everyone everywhere online. This means less developed countries and less affluent neighborhoods. It means exploring new models of business efficiency and effectiveness. This new model in business and social justice is like turning the words of Dr. King into economic evangelism.

In a recent article, Zuckerberg said “We’re focused on it more because we think it’s something good for the world, rather than something that is going to be really amazing for our profits.” Whether in business or community the return value is in finding new solutions as a stepping stone to solving age-old problems.

Zuckerberg’s a good example of business innovation with social activism. He’s not shy in putting his money where his mouth is. To all the ‘powers that be’ he’s showing how you make the case and then make things happen. It’s not enough to have power over people. It’s really how you empower people.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Think of the Industrial Revolution. Ford Motors led the innovation. With automated vehicle assembly. And faster new-car delivery. Well, a new sheriff’s in town. Mark Zuckerberg leads the countdown. Hopes to slow the social slide. And raise online access worldwide. Taking the Internet on a social justice ride.

As Facebook CEO & founder. To technology revolution he’s no stranger. Aims to reach the other two-thirds. Of world’s population that’s unheard. Thinks it gonna take some things new. With efforts coming out of the blue. True for the Internet and long-term jobless. Maybe even gun violence that’s so senseless.

Wants to have everyone connected. From the barrios to the pre-selected. Less developed countries and neighborhoods. Internet access even in the woods. With ‘new and improved’ business models. Riding in generation-next saddles. Business mixed with social activism. Like King’s words of economic evangelism.

Loves on top and doing good. Rather than amazing profits ever could. Focusing not so much on money in the banks. But lending a hand and giving thanks. Whether in business or community. The return value adds authenticity. Finding solutions as a stepping stone. Solving age-old problems down to the bone.

Zuckerberg brings a new Internet creation. From the business and activism station. Not shy to put money on the line. Letting his actions deliver the shine. Showing to all the ‘powers that be.’ And peeps across the world to see. Life’s less about power over one or two. Lifting unsung dreams to ‘make it do what it do.’

Tip: Upping your game can mean positioning an unsung dream as if it’s a social justice project.

Talkback: Has Mark Zuckerberg gone too far or has he taken a page from Henry Ford and Dr. King?

Dr. King’s Speech and Life Have Set the Gold Standard to Inspire Unsung Dreams


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

The headline in the Jamaican paper said “Church Ended Early to Watch Bolt Run.” 50 years ago the headline in the U.S. paper might have said “Church Ended Late to Hear King Speak.” What Bolt is today on the track, Dr. King was back-in-the-day at the mic. He set the gold standard to inspire unsung dreams.

His example showed that making it great is not about your race but about your content. The content of Bolt’s get-up has made him the fastest man ever. 50 years ago Dr. King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech made the point that was like saying content is to character as yeast is to bread. It brings rise to the occasion.

Bolt’s come a long way from small-island to global reach. This reminds us that making it great is not about your current place but about your vision space. Dr. King might have put it this way; “Don’t worry about how far behind you are in world-rank. Be happy how far ahead you see around the block or river-bank.”

Even if you’re almost next to last, Dr. King would have echoed words like “the last shall be first.” Making it great is more than your race or current place. It’s about what you dream. Imagine, 50 years ago a kid named Al Sharpton was inspired by Dr. King. Now he’s leading Realize the Dream with Martin L. King III.

Bolt may be the most God-gifted athlete to grace the planet. Dr. King was one of the most God-gifted orators to grace a podium. They are among the champions past and present. King’s legacy shows how persistence & patience can take unsung dreams from bottom of the charts to breaking the glass ceiling.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

“Church Ends Early to Watch Bolt Run.” Evening news in the island sun. “Church Ends Late To Hear King Speak.” Years ago could’ve been a headline leak. Dr. King at the mic any given day. Was like Bolt on the track winning anyway. Never a dull moment out of the gate. The gold standard for making dreams great.

Showing it’s not about being judged by race. But about the content of your grace. Bolt’s get-up makes him the fastest for sure. King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech with content to endure. Kinda like saying content is to character as yeast is to bread. Rising to the occasion, things not going to your head.

Bolt’s a star in his speed game. From lil’ country start to global fame. Care not so much about your place. But about how vision biggups your space. Take a page from King’s speech bank. Don’t worry where you are in world rank. Be happy on this side of the clock. See farther ahead of the riverbank or block.

Even if you’re almost next to last. Use as fuel lessons from the past. “The last shall be first,” echoes of Dr. King. Believe that… it has a nice ring! So, let’s move beyond what you face. Put your dreams in its rightful place. Imagine, 50 years ago Sharpton as a kid inspired. Now leading Realize the Dream no ways tired.

Bolt could be the most gifted non-cheat. These days seems so hard to beat. King’s one of the most gifted of orators. Among our everyday motivators. Stories of starts and finishes. Historic speeches and wishes. Showing persistence and patience go a long way. From unsung dream to break the glass-ceiling payday.


Tip: Upping your game means turning what you’re made of into more than what you’ve dreamed of.

Talkback: If you had to write today’s “dream headline” for Dr. King, Bolt or someone like yourself, what would you say?

Lee Daniels’ The Butler Pulls Together 5-Star Cast to Re-tell an American Story


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

Can you imagine going back in time to the 50’s when urban style was still ‘under construction?’ This was also a period when American civil rights took hold. Some say we’ve grown-up while others say, “not there yet.” The jury is still out. But Lee Daniels’ The Butler pulls together a 5-star cast to re-tell an epic story.

It’s based on the life of Eugene Allen who served as Butler over eight presidential terms. It’s a throwback to when un-equal was in, diversity was out and unrest was on-the-ready. It’s directed by Lee Daniels who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, even from Oprah. It tells a story within a story, a dream within a dream.

Forest Whitaker’s lead role gives a glimpse into the everyday human struggle. Oprah’s role as his wife gives us a look at the social juggle. But the movie also has role players that help to give it crossover appeal. The story bridges the gap between young and old, rich and poor, old-school and new-school.

So, how far have we come? That’s the reality-check question of the day. We’ve made it to the top in some ways but close to the bottom in others. We’re better off in some respects but written-off in other surveys. We’ve gotten a taste of the American Dream but wonder if things are slipping back to a nightmare.

Some will see the movie as stoking the fire of discontent, others as a history lesson for the ages. But consider the takeaway based on the hopes of those who came before us. Yes, make money while the sun shines but also serve a larger good because even when it rains there’s purpose in the moment.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Let’s go back in time. To the 50’s when urban style not yet prime. A period when civil rights was under construction. And a few wanted to televise the revolution. We’ve grown-up now some will say. Not there yet, room for equal pay. Jury’s still out on civic duty. But Lee Daniels’ The Butler re-tells an epic story.

The life of Eugene Allen, hero unsung. Who served over eight Presidents at the bottom of the rung. A throwback to when un-equal was in, diversity was out. Where unrest was on-the-ready and used as clout. Directed by Lee Daniels with Oprah in the mix. A story and a dream closer to a modern-day fix.

Forest Whitaker’s role of everyday human struggle. Oprah’s role as wife dealing with the social juggle. Many supporting actors with crossover appeal. Giving an insider’s look at how people did feel. Bridging the gap between young, old, rich and poor. Across blurred lines of ebony, ivory and racial uproar.

So how far have we really come? Survey says room to go some? At the top in a few ways. Still hard to find the glory days. In some respects we’re better off. In another context still being written-off. We’ve gotten a taste of the American Dream. But the American nightmare is to be left off the team.

Some will tag it as stoking discontent. Others will be happy to pay the rent. Maybe a lesson for the ages. Or a refresher on civil rights stages. But there is a larger story to see. During a chat over coffee or ice tea. Yes, make money while the sun shines. Even when it rains the purpose of the moment makes things fine.

Tip: Upping your game takes some struggle and juggle but pays off with purpose in the hustle and bustle.

Talkback: So how far would you say we have or haven’t come in this American journey?

Steve Harvey Turns the ‘Gift of Gab’ for Comedy into a Branding Powerhouse


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Old-School Flava)

Steve Harvey likes to make people laugh. His career is one that likely started at the bottom. But now he’s here at the top. Harvey’s heard on morning radio and seen on daytime TV. He gives back to the community through his foundation. Harvey turned his ‘gift of gab’ for comedy into a branding powerhouse.

He’s worked hard at bringing content to audiences and audiences to advertisers. Over the years Harvey has used comedy to sellout venues. He’s now become a high-profile, multi-media brand. Harvey’s work has achieved the kind of ratings that seem to make the haters hate and the fans appreciate.

Maybe he uses Oprah’s success as inspiration. While not trying to walk in her shoes, Harvey knows something about reaching those who might be hurting. He connects with the pulse of the community and the pain of the down-but-not-out. It’s a special thing to have wealth and be able to show you have heart.

Listen to how he gives advice and you can tell that Harvey is big on lifelong learning. He knows when you stop learning you stop growing. When you stop growing you tend to surrender your success. The setbacks and disappointments he had back-in-the-day was then. Today he’s focused on being in the now.

Each year Harvey hosts his annual Neighborhood Awards. It’s one of the ways his brand uplifts the community. Some see it as the party of the year. But Harvey might have a greater purpose in mind. He knows that when all is said and done, life’s favorite moments will stay with you a while, so have some fun.


The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (New-School Flava)

Steve Harvey’s a man of many jokes. Bringing laughs to kids and grown folks. A career starting from the low. Now he’s at the top of his flow. Heard on morning radio, seen on daytime TV. Giving back, paying it forward without a fee. Turning his ‘gift of gab’ for comedy. Into a multi-media escape from poverty.

Works hard to meet people where they’re at. Bringing content and audiences together, got it down pat. Having used comedy to sellout venues. Now he’s pulling high-profile multi-media revenues. With ratings that seem to make the haters hate. But he keeps doing his thing so the fans appreciate.

Could Oprah’s success be inspiration? He’s also got the ear of a nation. Not trying to walk in her shoes. Done a lot to pay his dues. Giving his time to spread more good. To the down-but-not-out in the neighborhood. Feeling the pulse and pain on the ground. A special thing to have wealth and be profound.

Hear how he gives advice. Lifelong learning, he could charge a price. When you stop learning you stop growing. That’s some of what he’s showing. When you stop growing you kill success. That’s the word from the Harvey press. With setbacks and lean times back-in-the-day. Today he’s on point in every way.

Radio, TV and Awards host. Maybe a role he loves the most. Just one way his brand is a hub. Uplifting the community like a club. Some see it as the party of the year. But Harvey has a greater purpose to share. He knows when all is said and done. Life’s fav moments stay with you so rock the fun.

Tip: Upping your game means turning everyday learning into fun-favorite moments of high earning.

Talkback: How has Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards made a difference in the community?