Making the Case for a Full-Court Press on Jobs Before Disaster Hits


Theme:– Operation J.U.M.P. For Jobs, Justice & Unsung Dreams

Every so often a major event happens across the country. Recently it’s disasters like the floods in Colorado or fire at the Jersey Shore. Five years ago the fall of Lehman Brothers brought near depression. These were breaking news stories. So how should we make the case for a full-court press on jobs?

The topic is on our minds once a month when the Jobs Report is released. Then after a day or two it slips off the radar. Many experts explain the up or down changes in the jobless rate. There is evidence of those who’re discouraged and given up. But society can be so focused on the have’s we forget the have not’s.

Imagine riding to work and being stuck in traffic? There’s frustration and anxiety about getting there on time. The roadway alert says disabled car ahead. It clears briefly, then another disabled car. The ‘stop & go’ persists because 13 of every 100 cars are disabled on that stretch. That would be like car-maggedon!

Well, that’s happening in our economy. The long-term jobless are like stalled cars in the economy. We see a slight speed-up, closely followed by a slowdown. People are ‘rubbernecking,’ looking for any opportunity happening. After a while many become discouraged and give-up due to market congestion.

Highway patrol responds to stalled vehicles. A service truck arrives to give a ‘jump’ or whatever else is needed. So it is when public officials do the same in response to the long-term jobless. If disabled vehicles are bad for traffic flow then a long-term jobless state is bad for the economy and average Joe.

Footnote: Operation J.U.M.P. is like the jumper cable connecting a charged power source to a drained power resource and bringing unsung dreams back to life.

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