Personal Reflections on My Dream Journey


Theme:–The Year of ‘Growmance’
Where Love Beats Fear in Upping Our Game This Year” (Get-Real Flava)

This post could have been about one of the movers and shakers whose story we love. There’re names like Magic Johnson, Diana Nyad, Tyler Perry or Serena Williams. But every so often we take a break from regular blogging for a little ‘get-real flava.’ This time it’s more personal reflections on my dream journey.

It started after leaving the corporate world as a computer engineer to pursue my entrepreneur’s dream full-time. Things haven’t all been a bed of roses. There’s a mix of highs, lows and everything in between. When you decide to go for your dreams it seems like life stretches you first before turning on the magic.

The list of Top-5 things I’ve learned along my dream journey is crucial.  Humans show up with three traits for making it great. They’re a calling, purpose and passion that help dreams come to fruition. Just know that one can bring pain, one usually brings praise and one brings pure ecstasy with or without the money.

Many achievers I follow on twitter give tips on what to do to make it through. Some say you gotta prepare the dream along with sowing the seeds. You have to work the dream like how a farmer works the soil. After a while you’ll see results that are not always about ‘show me the money.’ It could be about a vision.

While the vision is taking shape you have to fight through fatigue.. that’s rejection fatigue. You will have the testing of your faith. This feels like going through a maze filled with lots of twists and turns. But the plus is that I’ve found out something new and gotten to learn more about what I’m made of at every turn.

You also have to fight through ‘the feeling.’ What feeling? It’s not feeling sick in the stomach or head. It’s more like feeling sick in the gut. Maybe this is where spirit and stomach connect. That’s a place that can guide your next ‘make or break’ move. You just have to let the butterflies in your stomach fly.

The journey has groomed me to be a ‘dreampreneur’ to many including the forgotten and downtrodden. At times I’ve taken the road less traveled up the mountain. It’s been one of reaching new peaks. So, sure hope to see you on the mountaintop when we get there and please excuse the noise if you hear me roar.

Footnote: Thanks to those of you (past, present and future) for following this blog and sharing it with your network or on social media. I appreciate your support and feedback. This has helped me stay afloat in knowing that people like you make dreams come true.

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