How John Legend and Microsoft Achieve Success Without Waiting for Superman!

(Part VIII) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 Shine! That’s the song written/produced by John Legend on the Waiting for Superman soundtrack. The Backstory says a lot about how Legend puts technology to work in songwriting. It starts with an idea fueled by innovation and inspiration. Bill Gates might describe Microsoft the same way.

Just look at how it has impacted business. When IBM needed software to run their new PCs, Microsoft provided DOS. This proved to be their “creeping before walking” moment. Gates understood how PC evolution and revolution would mix. It needed to tap the hearts, minds and souls of people and culture.

Microsoft has been in the forefront of the information revolution. In going from DOS to Windows OS they showed the importance of having an operating system to achieve greater success. Every good school, business or leader needs a system of doing things in order to make success easily repeatable.

Behind Superman the superhero is Clark Kent the person. As a newspaper reported he was guided by purpose. He wasn’t just driven to make money or a name for himself. His day job took care of that. But Superman was also fueled by a desire to perform some greater good. Bill Gates is doing that today.

Many were surprised when Gates announced his “retirement” from Microsoft to focus primarily on his foundation. His day’s work puts money in his pocket. His life’s work puts meaning in his money. That’s how John Legend and Bill Gates have been able to achieve success without waiting for Superman.

Tip: Time waits on no one but success is calling those who believe in their ability to fly.

Talkback: How do people (celebrities, superheroes, mentors) or your inner purpose inspire you to elevate your game, whether with technology or personality?

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