AT&T and P. Diddy Know How To Stay Current in The Marketplace.

(Part 7) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 AT&T hooks-up with Apple and the iPhone. Verizon connects with Google and the Android. Both have forged winning partnerships. What’s AT&T going to do, now that the iPhone is with Verizon? AT&T knows you have to stay current to compete and keep paying the rent.

MaBell has a history of stepping things up to compete. They keep on ticking, sometimes taking a licking. Their consumer side mixes tech, talk and TV content on three merging screens. It also helps to have name recognition. What a beautiful thing! It has kept AT&T in the swing.

They didn’t become a biz giant overnight. Their corporate side relies heavily on R&D. They’ve kept that close even during times of break-ups and busts. They’ve gone from Bell Labs to Lucent. Not to mention all they’ve received in awards. Staying current helps maintain your industry cred.  

Brand diversity is a two-way street. One way is how you position your products. The other is how you identify with people of all stripes. AT&T stays connected with the community through various forms of charitable giving. For them staying current means living up to your civic duty.

 Sounds a lot like Diddy too, right? They both show how to diversify your appeal by being a Big Brother/Sister in the community. They’ve made a name for themselves among multiple ethnic groups. All this takes being in touch with your consumer, corporate and community sides. 

Tip: Staying current on the job or in the marketplace is about being in touch with the changes in your field, the business and the world.

Talkback: At the Grammys he’s Puff Daddy again, so what’s up with Diddy and all his name changes?

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