Steve Harvey and Disney Showing The Power of a Dream!

(Part 4) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 The original King of Comedy has teamed up with Disney. Not that Steve Harvey is retiring his stand-up gig. Instead, he’s expanding on his dreams and that of Walt Disney. They’ve partnered to challenge young people at Disney’s Dreamers Academy. Is this a Mickey Mouse idea?

Many dreams have come through Disney’s parks, resorts and media networks. The company was started by brothers Roy and Walter Disney to develop cartoons. They’ve grown to revenue in the billions. Harvey and Disney hope to whet the appetites of young people’s hunger for achievement.

In joining forces, they show how “the brand” markets “the man.” The Disney brand sells itself. When you hear the name you know the legacy. So it is with Harvey. His national platform allows him to turn his “jackpot of jokes” into a brand that makes people take note.


Why is this a great move for them? It brings together comedy and cinematography. It extends their reach and support into the community. It adds value to their proven credibility. It’s a hook-up that inspires people to live-up. The partnership gives them presence to continue circulating their true essence.

Mickey Mouse has become a household name. Harvey continues to flex his game. Both are American icons from coast to coast. While not in the same league, they maintain a niche that they lead. Talk about building their magic kingdoms! So Disney and Harvey ask, what do you hunger to achieve?     

Tip: A dream is more than just wishing upon a star. It’s more like a catalyst that makes people go far.

Talkback: What is it about the Disney/Harvey brands that keep people coming back again and again?

Is IBM Starting Another Information Revolution?

(Part 3) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 What can Watson do for you? That’s the question IBM wants people to ask. They’ve launched a new information-age campaign. Watson is the name given to IBM’s new computer gizmo. It’s being used to compete against contestants on Jeopardy. It looks like this revolution will be televised!

IBM is the world’s largest provider of information technology solutions. A few decades ago they made the PC commercially viable. What seemed like a dream back then is being reinvented yet again. IBM Engineers use “artificial intelligence” to “think outside the box.” This helps explain their success.

Remember the DOS operating system? Well, the original IBM PC was a joint venture with Microsoft. IBM built the hardware. Microsoft provided the software. Sometimes a revolution happens through emotional intelligence as well. It’s in how you labor without “pissing off” your biz partner or neighbor.

Then there’s the value of market intelligence. What’s hot or what’s not? Who’s buying and who’s selling? What’s about to grow and what’s about to go? Someone must have known that desktop computing would be the new frontier. Today, IBM is staking its business on a new way to number-crunch.

Over 80 years ago IBM named Thomas Watson Sr. as President/CEO. He transformed the company to new heights. The slogan he introduced then was T-H-I-N-K. He thought something was missing in business at the time. The slogan then and campaign now might say a lot about genius in enterprise.   

Tip: A shift in earnings or lifestyle starts with how you think outside the box.

Talkback: How have computers become a blessing or curse in your day-to-day?

Drug Maker Johnson & Johnson Stays Ready for Primetime!

(Part 2) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 Johnson & Johnson is stepping up its game. They’ve announced a partnership to develop a blood scan test for cancer. Over 100 years ago the company was formed on a simple idea. Doctors needed sterile bandages to protect wounds from infection. So how do they stay ready for primetime?

Deon Sanders might say primetime is where performance meets showtime!  J&J’s history shows primetime as consistent performance at or above a level of brilliance. How do they do it? Think content. What’s the catalytic ingredient in a drug (or your expertise) that makes you go “zoom zoom?”

Every successful business starts with a great idea. But not every great idea becomes a successful business. There’s got to be a process that turns the idea into gold. J&J might describe this as drug-making mechanics. Athletes might see this as disciplined action from day-to-day practice.

What about performance when it counts? That’s where primetime delivery shows-up. Medicine is expected to work the way it’s designed and advertised. If not, the company is in hot water. Delivering the goods in business is just as critical. You’ve got to do more to “bring it” than to “wing it.”

 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was more like a social entrepreneur. He knew something about primetime. His benchmark was about being judged by the content of your character. That’s a good place to start. Then watch for an explosion of your performance in a way that makes you go “boom boom.”

Tip: Primetime is the way you roll in performing at or above the brilliance of your soul.

Talkback: How do you feel about the way Dr. King shined his brilliance in primetime?

A GM Comeback After Bankruptcy and Bailout.

(Part 1) Workplace Dreams: Winning Big in Business One Success At a Time!

 General Motors (GM) is working its way back. This happened after filing for bankruptcy. It was their way of downsizing the operation. Now it looks like they’re on the up-and-up. They have new cars hitting the showroom floor. Could this be a lot like what happens in people’s career?

The recession has been brutal. So many people have hit the un-employment lines. They were downsized or put out to pasture. Some have toiled looking for work. Others have considered starting a business. A comeback starts with ambition. You must have the desire to turn your passion on fire.

What did GM do? The company eliminated a few models. They re-positioned their marketing from “old-school to new-school.” They streamlined the product line to five brands. That’s like focusing more on what makes you strong (your talent) and eliminating what makes you weak (the distractions).


But it didn’t stop there. They launched a new campaign built around their reinvention. The company held dealers to a new standard. They rallied their employees. They promoted the new GM with an advertising blitz. Before you get others to believe in you, you first have to raise the belief in yourself.

GM dropped the Hummer. They’re ready again to be a winner. They’ve repaid the Stimulus funds back to Uncle Sam. The Volt electric car is on the rollout. There’s even an Onstar-type IPad App. GM’s return shows us that a setback is not a period, but a comma before the rest of the story. 

Tip: Recessions can be a time to downsize your appetite and upsize your dreams.

Talkback: How has the recession caused you to downsize your lifestyle?