Shaquille O’neal’s Still Got Game, Eventhough He’s Not the Same.

 Shaq is on the loose. With his 300 pound caboose. Taking it to the court. Trying not to play hurt. The Celtics signed him for a year. Shaq wants to play, that’s clear. Does he still have game? Eventhough his performance is not the same. It’s a matter of having fun. Doing what it takes to have won.

In his 19th season of pro ball. A career that stands tall. Winning it all with two teams. Achieving his wildest dreams. Doesn’t have the best shot. How he scores makes him hot. With high-percentage dunks. Puts defenses in a funk. Who would have thunk? That at his age he still had spunk.  


Playing less in minutes. But still has the passion to win it. Coach Doc Rivers seemed surprised. That Shaq showed baller’s pride.  Finding a way to fit. On a team of high-end spirits. He knows at this stage it’s not about you. Or even what you do. But about how you “do you.” To be a role player tried and true.

He’s got this thing figured out. Using his celebrity and clout. To sometimes serve the needy. Or live in ways that doesn’t look greedy. Channeling his affable appeal. Into a Shaq Vs. reality TV deal. Where he takes on pros. In the sport that each knows. And puts on a show. With broad appeal like bingo.

How much left in the tank? Before his butt gets spanked? Success for him is how he competes. Once a Laker then a Heat. Dropping tracks with a hip-hop beat. Shaq finds a way to shine. Whether in the studio or on the pine. And that is what makes him keep at his grind.

Tip: The lottery says “you got to be in it to win it.” Success says “you got to bring it to have it!”

Talkback: What does Shaq’s pro career say about reinventing yourself and achieving success?

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