Kobe Bryant, The Best Ever From High School to the NBA?

 Fans are talking. Looks like Carmelo ’bout to go walking. Denver Nuggets offered an extension. Carmelo says no thanks, don’t mention. Might he be headed to the Knicks? That would be true kicks. Kobe not in the race. Lakers plan to keep his face. Sure looks like he’ll retire in place. In real good grace.

Coming straight out of high school. Soon others thought that was cool. After living off the US mainland. Lakers put some money in his hand. Quickly billed as the new Jordan. In Jamaica we’d say he’s like a “Don Gorgon.” Teaming up with Shaq. As a tag-team scoring attack. Adding points in packs.

Back then came shocking news. Bryant might have left assault clues. Nothing to do with the court. But under a hot chick’s skirt. A career breakdown? More like a personal letdown. In a matter of days coming clean. It could have been a worst scene. Things didn’t end there. Kobe came back as MVP of the year.


Then it seemed like his career was on fire. His performance numbers kept getting higher. Winning back-to-back rings. Re-signed to whopping contract that spells bling. No more love between Shaq and Bryant? Maybe a little, when they’re not defiant. It’s now Kobe’s team. Achieving big, a player’s dream.

A setback need not have the last word. Comebacks in life are not unheard. Look at Michael Vick. Pulling plays out his bag-a-tricks. Being down doesn’t have to mean out. The screaming fans wanna give a shout. After a breakdown comes a breakthrough. Victory is about turning failure into follow-thru.

Tip: Life after a disappointment means going from breakdown to breakthrough or turning failure into follow-thru.

Talkback: What does Kobe’s ups and downs say about not being deterred by setbacks or failure?

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