Susan L. Taylor: Beauty is Beyond Skin Deep; Success is For us to Reap.

 The story of her life. With periods of some strife. Known to speak her mind. On behalf of her own kind. Born to West Indian parents. After a divorce, forced to pay the rent. Has seen a few breakthroughs in her day. Knowing that having faith did pay. Beauty more than skin deep. Success is for us to reap.

Don’t take only my word. It’s what the history makers and have heard. When on the brink of defeat. She found a way to turn up the heat. Started her own cosmetics line. Giving women reasons to shine. Caught the eyes of Essence magazine bosses. Working part-time to plug her losses.

Went from a beauty editor. To fashion and beauty creative director. Soon becoming the branding specialist. Putting the magazine tops of the list. Expanding its value in the marketplace. Becoming the magazine’s public face. Writing a column In The Spirit. As Editor-in-Chief and too legit.

Then came time to take a pause. Made the switch to a larger cause. Going full blast with the mentoring campaign. After Katrina’s storm and rain. Saw there was a greater need. To get youth to watch what they read. Recruiting all across the nation. Bringing her own dose of real-life inspiration.

Going beyond her publishing days. Not worrying about getting a raise. Some say she’s financially secure. But in her community hopes to settle the score. Too many kids dropout from school. Need more adults teaching the golden rule. A sense of purpose is her leading role. Passing it on to young and old.


Tip: Everyday you can get up and pray and then turn on your passion to make hay for another day.

Talkback: How has Susan Taylor or any other public figure impacted your success?

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