Tyra Banks Turns Her Facets into Bankable Productions Assets.

 Who’s got next? The muscles begin to flex. Yes, there was Oprah. Now the talk diva is Tyra. Miss O leaving daytime TV. Launching OWN Network with Discovery. Not a day late or dollar short. Tyra plays her part. As a trusted reliable source. And major media force. Who knew? She was a bully too.

Went through a growth spurt. Then bullying others came back to hurt. Saw how her dreams might become true. Because she had a self-esteem breakthrough. Turning the pain of yesterday. Into profit on the runway. Winning the supermodel battle. Her praise and acclaim at full throttle.

Got her start with Will Smith. On Fresh Prince of Bel-Air skit. Invited to model overseas. Contracts flowed as fast as saying “cheese.” First African-American on some magazine covers. GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit lovers. Creates Next Top Model show. A track record of being in the know. 

Helping women tell their stories. Because she’s been there too ladies. TV Mogul, Philanthropist and Business Woman. An eye-catcher for most single men. Wants to do much more. In movie entertainment galore. Showing she’s got IQ. But even more PQ. Personality and presence. That sells her essence.

 Many watched her move. On the catwalk groove. Teenage model on the rise. Based on the cheering fan highs. Found her inner passion. Through self-expression in fashion. With all things considered. Her talent’s in how she’s figured. Singing, writing and modeling. Getting rave reviews and cashing in.

Tip: Success is turning passion into a paycheck, pain into profit and presence into bubbling effervescence.

Talkback: Is it fair to compare Tyra with Oprah, similar to how Oprah was once compared to Phil Donahue?

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