Fantasia for Real, Now That’s The Deal!

 Fantasia renews her faith? Hold up, stop the hate! Says the God thing’s been tricky. Life and times get kinda sticky. Season 3 contestant on American Idol. Winning it all, becoming suicidal. Urban music queen. Plays herself on the TV screen. Fantasia for real. Telling her story in how she heals.

Auditioned for Idol in ATL. Trying to get away from her hell. Was raped as a young teenager. Dropped out of school to become wage earner. Had a child at a young age. Seeking the chance to turn a new page. Always loved to perform and sing. Encouraged to believe and spread her wings.

Caught up in so much drama. Like her song about being a baby mama. Sued by a divorcing spouse. Accused of breaking up their house. Got a brother who’s holding her back. Hoping to put his life on the same track. Trying to free herself from family stress. Hoping to move on from life’s past distress.  

Believing in miracles after her winning season. Thinking things happen for a reason. Admitted she took prescription meds. The pressure was blowing-up her head. Needed to re-group after Broadway ill. Got dropped from Color Purple Playbill. Life’s not a fairy tale. For some, it’s just on a higher scale.

Who knew she couldn’t read? Or that she had so many mouths to feed. Fantasia had to sign record contract. Not knowing how big would be her impact. Set to shine in new movie deal. Sure to be a hit not a steal. Says she’s returning herself ‘back to me.” Ready, willing and able to reach her destiny.

Tip: “Get a grip” means don’t trip, but work smarter, serve harder and take life a little farther!

Talkback: How do you avoid or get past the drama that might come your way?

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