Where Did JetBlue Flight Attendant, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt Lose Their Mojo?

(Part 5) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 Tiger Woods lost his game. He’s trying to clean-up his name. Usian Bolt got beat. Tyson Gay wins at recent track meet. JetBlue flight attendant loses his cool. Friends on Facebook don’t think he’s a fool. Woods and Bolt take time-off. Flight attendant has timeout. Need to get their groove back.

Maybe they should check with Stella. Who got hers back in Jamaica. Fun and jokes aside. They might have to swallow their pride. Woods hasn’t won since his return. Bolt skips out on money he could earn. It will take a new and improved focus. More than just wishful thinking or hocus pocus.

Athletes can experience burnout. Happens to working professionals too. Yes, they’re trying to re-group. Bolt may be sipping on chicken soup. Setbacks will cause disappointment. Layoffs may affect your deportment. But a comeback is on the way. In the fight of your life? Win again someday.

Bolt’s been checked out by the Doctors. Back injury has him sidelined ‘til December. Woods still meeting with lawyers. To settle the divorce orders. When all is said and done. Both can return to form at #1. Some jobs are for the skillfully swift. But victory is for all those who reach the finish.

Sometimes life brings a wake-up call. To take action and not stall. Starting a business. Living your dream. Finding yourself on a winning team. Sick and tired of the job or boss? Need a makeover at all cost? Start to envision a new you. Build on your accomplishments with follow-thru. 

Tip: Getting your groove back takes having an eye on the future and then looking back.

Talkback: Has anything on the job (stress, burnout, the boss) ever caused you to “lose it?”

One thought on “Where Did JetBlue Flight Attendant, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt Lose Their Mojo?

  1. Interesting developments….. Asafa Powell also has prematurely ended the season due to leg injuries (or maybe to focus more on Yendi – she did amazingly well in the Miss Universe contest)……. We all need at some point in our lives to step back, assess our relative situations and regroup before moving forward…. Some say “Wheel and Come Again”….

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