NY Yankees Alex Rodrigues Needs a Breakthrough to Come True.

(Part 4) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 Stuck on 599. That’s the A-Rod latest. As he tries to land among the greatest. Hitting 600 homeruns or more. Only six others have reached that score. What’s it going to take? For him to roundtrip the plate. Maybe Tony Robbins knows a thing or two. For how to have a breakthrough.

A goal is something to shoot for. A dream in your heart into which you pour. Everybody’s got something they can work on. Whether personal or in your profession. A-rod is knocking at the door. Only needs to hit one more. Robbins says breakthroughs are hard to plan. Just use what’s in your hand.

For A-Rod that might be the bat. For others it’s not as simple as that. Robbins should know plenty. About having a strategy. For reaching your destiny. Make that move. Get in the groove. Show what you know. Raise your energy and flow. Let it come to you. Be ready for something new.

Success is a process. Not just how you dress. Gotta work at it. Knowing that it might not come quick. How does the breakthrough happen? By not being satisfied. With the status quo. Oprah might say. It’s in how you press your way. To landing your own show. Turning doubt into “getup-and-go.”

A-Rod’s hoping to shake bad press. Moving beyond the steroid mess. Robbins hoping people get to see. Who is the inner me. What about you? Starting now. With the what and the how. For getting past the past. Feeling free at last. Shaking up your lifestyle. To being wicked and wild.

Tip: There’s nothing like a good jolt that gets your career or business running like Usain Bolt.

Talkback: Was there ever a time you felt stuck? How did you get unstuck?

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