New York, New York: Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of.

(Part 6) Empower Your Summer: Like The Pros Who Raise Their Game and Reach New Fame.

 The game for bragging rights. New York vs. New York. Jets vs. Giants. Squared-off in a pre-season match-up. With the Giants coming out on top. Looking like they’ll be tough to stop. A preview of things to come? Some new stars on the horizon. And veteran careers on the rising.

No Darrelle Rivas yet. LaDainian Tomlinson showed no sweat. Having been traded from the Chargers. Hoping to win a Superbowl sooner than later. Dream big but start small. That’s what it says to us all. Gotta shoot for reaching the big game. It’s every player’s road to ‘nuff fame.

Eli Manning gets injured. Not wanting to point the finger. A botched play ruffles his feathers. Limited playing time for the regulars. Pre-season’s a time to work hard. For those trying to make the scorecard. Victor Cruz might have earned a spot. Playing with passion that shows he’s hot.  

New stadium for teams to share. Soon there’ll be fireworks bursting in air. Hoping things come together. No matter the weather. Fans paying for season tickets. Just loving the atmosphere and whatever. Watching Mark Sanchez getting better and having fun. Under the lights or afternoon sun.

No-names becoming big-names. Rookies becoming regulars. All in a day’s journey. On the gridiron or real life story. As seen on TV. As seen in New York. There’s room for you. To achieve a breakthrough. Take your dream and make it. Even if at first you have to fake it.

Tip: Some careers take grit, others take wit. But success in any field is doing whatever it takes to be a hit.

Talkback: (How ’bout them Giants?) What’s it going to take for the Jets to get Rivas back before the season kickoff?

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