Gift-Wrapping 2009, Un-Packing 2010! (Part 2 of 2)

 Wanna dream in color? Like that new online reality show. Called “If I Can Dream.” Coming to a laptop near you. Follows five dreamers. Who want to be in showbiz. Act like a star. And go far. In career and business. Dr. King had a speech. Elvis wrote a song. Obama had audacity. Where’s your tenacity?

Serve a need. Avoid the trap of greed. Enough to go around. Even in the underground. Everyone has a dream. Others a way to scheme. Focus on the main thing. Whether you write or sing. Good with numbers. Or hanging with plumbers. Know your money-sides. Deliver with purpose and pride.

Get your shine on. Using the light within. Turn up your game. Network your name. Leverage your fame. Steve Harvey’s done it. So has Baisden. Both rising to the occasion. Learn from others. The things not taught in school. Success is in how you suit-up. More than just a hiccup.

The best of the best. Know how to outshine the rest. A lot to do with who you are. In spirit, talent, attitude and relationships. Do you! Let your brand come thru. Talk to Big G (od). He gives advice for free. Better yourself. One goal at a time. Get your groove on. Achieve in your prime.

Mary J. Blige paints a picture. On the Precious soundtrack. “I can see in color. The first sign of spring. The rose buds are blooming. I got a new song to sing. Life looks so amazing. Never knew I could open my eyes. And for the very first time, I can see (or dream) in color.” It’s all clear!

Hip Tip: The way to roll to reach your goal is to act like a star and go far.

Blog Talkback: If you could dream in color what would it take to write your own song or have the best life experience?

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