Gift-Wrapping 2009, Un-Packing 2010! (Part 1 of 2)

 Black Friday orders are in! Cyber Monday shipments are out. Then there’s the US Mail rush. Where the most mail is sent. In a given day. Gotta gift wrap 2009. Before un-packing 2010. Some have goals. To lose weight and walk straight. Betta bring a New York State of Mind.

Make it there. Make it anywhere. Elevate your strengths. The way you roll. Manage weaknesses. At least be aware they exist. Got vulnerabilities? Minimize the distractions. Watchout for the detours and derailments. Enough material wants to entice. Drugs and alcohol to suffice.

It’s the way to go. To reach your goals. Like house-hunting. Know what you want. Close the gaps. In financing and romancing. Don’t overlook the flaws. Could come back to cost you. It’s about raising your living standard. See it before you hit it. Make smart decisions. Have faith in the future.

This is how you do it. Use specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-tested goals to make it. Shoot for the moon. Land among the stars. Set a target. Go to market. Define a vision. Refine with precision. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s a waiting period. For the ship to come in. 

New York. New York. Where dreams are made of. Nothing you can’t do. Bright lights will inspire you. Ready to go? From heaviest to biggest loser. From sick and tired. To just got hired. From setback to comeback. Maybe zero to hero. Set sail in 2010. For deeper waters. And greener pastures.

Hip Tip: Goal planning is like house-hunting. Gotta know what you want for yourself and family. 

Blog Talkback: Has the recession caused you to cut back on your gifts or goals?

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