(Part 13) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

Survivor of The Fittest is No Child’s Play!

 What’s the dumbest reality TV show ever? Farmer Wants a Wife. Where a country boy hooks-up with a city girl. Or Mr. Personality. Where woman marries man based on personality alone. How about the longest running? Here’s a hint. Survivor of the fittest is no child’s play.

Lessons in “Success 123”. Total strangers placed on team tribes. Often having to fend for themselves. For food, water and shelter. Sometimes working with fire. Given tasks known as challenges. Receiving tribal counsel peer feedback. Earning rewards, privileges and immunity.

Good for being #1 as an innovator. Or winning a million dollars on Survivor. Outwit using street and personality smarts. Outrun on the field of dreams. Outlast even as a blast from the past. Get in the game. Go from being tame. To wealth and acclaim. Wanna bet you can do the same?

It’s a matter of how you work, play and relate. Whether in business, academia, sports or entertainment. The best perform with WOW. Growing anyhow. Striving for excellence. Tasting perfection. Having fun in practice. Getting others to notice. Stepping out the mold. Reaching their gold.

First American reality show. To make it in primetime. What does reality TV say about career dreams and biz success? Maybe starts with an idea. Then to design. Going from development to delivery. Showing leadership. Infusing showmanship. Lifelong friendships. What a journey!

Hip Tip: Anyone can become a shining star. No matter who you are. Shining bright to see. What you were truly meant to be.  

Blog Talkback: If you could have all of what you need and most of what you want, what would you do to make dreams come true?

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