(Part 12) Got Dreams? – What Reality TV Says About Star Power.

An Extreme Makeover Helps Oprah Better Her Best!

 Oprah leaving Daytime TV. Her show’s been #1 for 23 years plus. Started on a local Baltimore affiliate. Kicked-off Talk Show. When Phil Donahue was King. Since then she’s become the Queen. Of mainstream media. As well as a biz mogul. An Extreme Makeover helps Oprah better her best.

Launching the Oprah Winfrey Network OWN. A partnership with the Discovery Channel. So it’s like Reinventing herself. Means visioning a new gig. Building the venture capital. Working and networking her strengths. Reaping the benefits. Calls for courage, confidence and conviction.

Take this as a lesson. On how to reposition your brand. Repurpose your life’s work. Or restart your dreams. A lot like what happens on the Reality Show Extreme Makeover. Sometimes it’s just to refresh. The look and feel of a room. Other times to improve. Putting things in a functional groove.

Then there’s the use of heavy equipment. Where the demolition team tears down. Everything to the ground. Before replacing anew. And giving people’s lives a sense of renew. A rebuild that inspires. Takes you higher. Tapping skills of the head, hand and heart. Having hope sets you apart.

Layoffs have made some want to give-up. Finding their dream job. Or starting that dream biz. Focus your energies. Towards new synergies. Channel your emotion. To flow like the ocean. Release your passion. Boost your commission. Life’s too short. To be held down by a recession.

Hip Tip: Living your dreams means starting here and going there as the road leads to overcoming the fear.

Blog Talkback: How has the Oprah Show/Brand made a difference in your business or life?

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